Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life and Times of a Liberated Mirchi.....एका मिरचीची गोष्ट

My FB friend Amit Amembal, recently posted a photograph  of a mirchi (hot green/jalapeno pepper)  growing in his balcony.  Somehow, this one had escaped being harvested along with the other green ones, and turned red.

Turns out, it had turned red in anger.  Not at being left on the tree. But something else.

It had something to do with the behaviour of onions today.  With their skyrocketing prices and extravagant sense of self worth.....

Read on.  As the mirchi spouts forth, first in Marathi, and then in English.

(photo by Amit Amembal)

कुटुंबाच्या छायेत वाढली ,
भावंडान बरोबर हिरवाई मध्ये
लपत छपत खेळत मोठी झाली .

कधी छोटी खाउन पियुन धष्ट पुष्ठ ,
आणि शेलाट्या बांध्यातले यौवन;
पानांच्या आडून आडून बघित्लेली स्थळ ,
चेहर्यावर उमललेले गुलाब ,
आणि कान्देरावाशी झालेला साखरपुडा .

मग कठीण दिवस,
कांदेराव न सांगता नाहीसे,
कुणी म्हणतात त्याना ज्यास्त हुंडा हवा .

आणि ती रागाने लालेलाल झाली ,
पानामागून बाहेर आली
आणि म्हणाली ,
"एक वेळ झाडावर कुमारी राहीन ,
पण असला हुंडा वगैरे माग्णार्याशि लग्न करणार नाही ….
काय हो, नारळपंत , बरोबर ना? …."
A child hood
spent amidst
green family folks,
playing hide and seek with siblings,
and she grew up.

Precociously chubby
and then a slim and svelte teenage,
a coming of age
as she peered
through the leaves
at assorted suitors;
some, like Sir Onion,
who brought the pink back
at their engagement.

Then one day,
he simply disappeared,
and some whispered
that he wanted  more dowry.

red in anger,
she emerged from behind the greens,
ramrod straight,
facing them all,
and said,
"I would prefer
to say single on my tree,
rather than kowtow
to such dowry demanding folks...."

And she nodded
at an admiring
Sir Coconut,
and asked,
"Isn't that so ?"

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