Monday, July 13, 2015

Endometrial Celebrations...

Sometimes, fruits have minds.   They value the environment where they are growing up.  Like Jamuns.  In Delhi .

Natural green cover, organically enriched soil,  and a childhood in balance with the creatures of nature.   Nurtured and brought up in Sangeeta Khanna's garden in Delhi, amidst amazing Green Plus Security , they slip into various stages of life seamlessly, without announcements or discussions, and the only activity of Twitter is by the birds in the trees.

The incessant rains are a sign . Like Sangeeta says, " Jamun fruits are known to become plump, juicy and sweet as soon as the rains arrive. Saw them splitting open in situ for the first time as if indicating enough of the rain...."

Perhaps there is a message in this ....

In lands
untouched by
selfish greed

and chemical money,
the anatomy understands.

A full term jamun
rich and thickly lined
infused with
the fluid of life,
prodded by the seed
growing inside,
breaks the Jamuniotic sack.

In a Jamun world,
the seed must now
move on,
live its own life
away from its Mater,
immersed in a monsoon soil
somewhere else.

It is tough,
but most seeds
end up
what their Mother Tree
taught them....


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  2. Thank you so much for lettung the story of this jamuniotic sac known to others too :-) life has so many ways to make us realise the universal patterns.

    1. Sangeeta, I myself learn so much about plants and nutrition from reading what you write.... and then there is all that fascinating anatomy , a secret interest of mine .... :-)