Thursday, January 21, 2016

On being a National Upma .....

It is a fact , universally true, but rarely acknowledged, that there is much to learn from traditional foods, their ingredients, their preparations, and the final coming together of the product. .  

Many times, these foods reflect the state of our society, and if you pardon me, the politics.

My friend Nutsure Satwik, had this delicious nutritious Upma for breakfast, and posted a photograph, before devouring it.

It is only fitting, that this Upma, enjoyed in the biting cold of Delhi, the capital,   reflects a philosophy .  Don't know if Upma is subsidized in the Parliament canteen , but clearly we have much to learn from it. 

So much
for the Parliament types
to learn.

It takes
a stodgy Gora Rawa,
carefully roasted brown;
A golden oil,
with some hot power factor,
perhaps some lumpy ghee
for those clutching tradition;
Short tempered mustard seeds
bursting in "muffled" excitement ;
extremely cut up
fighting eastern chillies;
deemed proletarian,
but clearly lording it ,
waiting for the rare
kadhipatta support ;
Urad dal
joining in
the Jantar Mantar noise;
"yet to decide",
but actually
just waiting
for an opportunity to join
the upma coalition.

Sometimes though,
carrots and peas
confused about
whether they are
secular or communal ,
chip in
giving outside support.

What none of these worthies
is their value lies
only when
each of them
plays their assigned role
in the
Boiling Capital Waters
to cook and create together
a National Upma.

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