Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slithering Lives

My blog friend Anuradha Shankar  , who is an avid traveller, travel writer, photographer and reader, recently acquired a new camera , and took some amazing shots of lizards in her garden. Of the standard old middle class garden lizard, and also of some Gen Next lizards. 

Somehow the stoic expression on the face of the older lizard, its attitude of learning to make do with whatever available, and the  posh attitude of the Gen next fellow, on top of the ledge,  reminded me of Mumbai.  And some yogic asanas .

(All photos bt Anuradha Shankar)

Sign of the times.

He slithers,
across the collapsed fence
ignoring the
and the surrounding jungle
of dehydrated plants
fallen in holes.

Lizard Yoga classes
and it gets
more and more difficult
in this old age 
to reach in time
with the
cracks and pokes
and hurtful rust.

And so he stops,
hands resting
next to shoulders,
stretches and lifts himself
in a Bhujangaasan,
beseeching the Lord.

by a proud denizen
on a
highrise stone terrace,
also going for Lizard Yoga,
togged out
in a moddish red bodysuit,
to have made it
up here
by hook
and mostly by crook,
and unsuccessfully
trying a Mayuraasan
to show it...

And a butterfly
flying just out of reach
of the younger Lizard,
flaps its wings,
alights on a leaf
and shakes its head
"They dont make Lizards
like the old ones
any more...."


  1. :) Lizard Yoga... reminds me of cats preparing for Cat Olympics :D

    1. Between Lizard Yoga, Cat Olympics, and Bozo Philosophy, we are all set ! :-))

  2. Lovely photos with matching poetry. :)
    LOL at yoga aasans. :)

    Here is my lizard with a visible 'trap' to catch a prey that comes its way.

    Anu, don't you get scared going near them?

    1. Your lizard is also part of the Lizard Yoga. Commented . :-))

  3. Ooops why didn't it come as a link?

  4. They certainly look like in deep meditation sometimes. :-)

  5. Fantastic, Suranga!! read the one on Nisha's pic too!!! no matter how many of your poems I read, I am still amazed at how you come up with such wonderfully descriptive lines!!