Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dark and light philosophy

My friend , Sylvia, has a wonderful photoblog, and this was a comment on some great photos of shadows , which were part of her Shadow Shot series....

The Sun
its warmth
meets someone
but is stopped
in surprise
in its path.

Quietly ,
head down,
it goes round
it has met.
To meet and
shake hands
with a shadow....

Even the sun must learn
that there is
dark and light
in life,
and the way they meet
is wonderful....


  1. I was reading on Braja blog...about Darkness being an absence of light !

    On that count, will the sun beam at the fact that he causes both darkenss and light !!

  2. Kavi Actually the sun beams because it knows that the absence of "light" simply means the arrival of the moon....