Monday, October 31, 2011

Robberfly terrorism.....

I chanced upon this wonderful post "Clash of the Titan's : Dragonfly Vs Robberfly"   by S. Karthikeyan, via a link posted by a blogger friend, who was a part of a group of bloggers recently invited to tour Corbett National park by the Club Mahindra people.

Karthik, as he is referred to, has been dedicated to the photography, the study, and the dissemination of information regarding wildlife, flora and fauna of the country in general, and South India in particular, for the last 25 years.  He is also actively involved in educating the public through nature and wildlife awareness camps for young and old.

To read more about his publications and activities, see this .

I never knew things like robberflies existed.  Till I saw this posted by Karthik. And read about the mercenary and unapologetic  way in which the robberfly simply destroys its prey.

I dont really like the look of it. Looks like a terrorist mafia ruthless type to me.

Which reminds me..... read on . :-)

So many
simple folks
going about their daily lives,
a flit here,
some honey there,
resting a bit
to recoup.

In today’s world
they need to be wary
of robberflies.
That hold them
in a vice grip,
inject them,
and proceed
to sip the
life out of them.

like what
we see happening elsewhere
in the country:
the corrupt,
become the powerful,
and sponge off
ordinary folks,
just trying to live.

Is there a Tihar jail
for Robberflies ?
Or should we file and have a PIL (Prime Investigations by a Lizard) ?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Bozoical Diwali.....:-(

Bozo, the only dog in Mumbai to have his own blog,  is upset. And in the highest traditions of the Mahatma,  he is following Maun Vrat( a vow of silence), and fasting to protest about something.  

Magiceye clicked this very evocative photo during our festival of Divali, which was recently celebrated. Unfortunately, in Mumbai, it is celebrated with massive and loud fireworks, at decibel levels that are hurtful to humans as well as dogs and cats, and possibly other animals too.

Dogs can hear many more frequencies that we can. And such loud stuff hurts, and stresses out dogs and can get them restless, frightened , quick tempered and unable to eat.  And they look for places to hide and chill out, till all the madness gets over. 

A peep into Bozo's mind ......

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
I lie
on the cool floor
on tenterhooks and wonder.

the thunder evenings
at the monsoon end
make me shiver.

And then
this man made
Sound and Light show,
with more sound than light
at Diwali,
as I
under the bed
to damp the noise
and the sudden glare.

And to think,
that in this
modern day and age
you can buy silence in Courts,
and get away with it
no amount of money
can buy silence
in the city.

A city,
under the overload
of concrete, ambition,
money,lies and shame.

I guess most ruins
have Sound and Light shows.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hurt, not retired, and still batting....

This is a photograph  of a hurt and injured butterfly, clicked in the Sanjay Gandhi National park, Mumbai, by  blogger friend Magiceye, and posted as part of the Mumbai Daily : Saturday Photohunt " series.

Butterflies sometimes have "fake" eyes on their wings. They are actually a defense mechanism, a trick to divert the attention of the predator from the main body /head/trunk of the butterfly.   

It appears, that quite like what we observe in the real human world today, "goondas", or  predators have often started seeing through the opponents' or victims' strategies. And so this butterfly probably struggled, as it had its wing partially torn. 

A sad commentary on our world today....

(photograph by Deepak Amembal magiceye)
In today's world,
goondas prevail;

a lady bus commuter
has an
imitation gold
necklace snatched;
the thief returns
to berate
attack her
on her face:
how dare she cheat a thief !

So does a butterfly,
with false eyes
on dorsal wings,
designed to divert
the goonda insect's
from the main body,
suffer a later
on the imitation eyes.

A torn wing
and a
scratched neck and face.
The butterfly and the lady
learn to flutter,
utter something,
and get on
with the business
of flitting
and living
in a sometimes cruel world.

Green and Lovely

No,  this isn't a complexion cream by Unilever, designed for plants.....

You never know what might inspire someone to click. Like this collection of fruits , guavas and oranges,  in Bengaluru, displaying the same color, but different attitudes, if one might call them that.

Much like folks one sees around us. Clearly emphasizing, that outer color does not give you any superior properties in life . It is what is inside that counts.

Blog reader Ganesh Balaraman posted this photo on facebook. 

(photo by Ganesh Balaraman)

has the last laugh;

Smooth semi translucent
hydrated skin
with an occasional beautyspot,
shapely lines
efforts at being
perfectly rounded,
and a sharp cut
the colorless stuff inside....

And some really

occasionally tough
green skin,
puffed a bit,
in an effort
at avoiding
a bright orange aging;
and you
gently peel its layer,
to see
some juicy
orange little ones
crowding together,
held by threads
in white...

Its all about the
Juice of Life....

Lonesome on the plateau....

The Kaas Plateau,  which is found near Satara , Maharashtra , in the Sahyadri Mountains, is famous for its myriads of wildflowers that grow  naturally, and is often referred to as the "Plateau  of Flowers" in Maharashtra. It is also sometimes called the Valley of Flowers, as it is surrounded on two sides by Valleys, and millions of these flowers grow on the sides of these valleys.  The monsoon and post monsoon season is the best time to enjoy the beauty of these flowers and the landscape.

While it is now being invaded by hordes of tourists , traffic-jams and all,  trudging carelessly around the flowers trying to photograph them,  blogger friend Magiceye on his trip to Kaas, chanced upon this majestic lone tree, standing in solitary brave splendour on the plateau, surrounded  by the blooming flowers all across.

Just wondered how the tree got there . And how it must feel.  And what the flowers must be saying ....

(photograph by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Aeons ago,
the Sahyadris,
in an overflow
of angry tearful Lava
allowed a willful plateau
its sudden rising
and its day
in the Sun.

a valley
amidst the green,
a lone seed
sprouted ahead
through Rocky gaps
and emerged
stubborn solitary majesty,
a doubtful winner.

by waves and waves
of blue and purple
and pink
little ones,
sneaking through the rocks,
to nod in the wind,
the big guy
"You made it !
But guess what,
these bipeds
only want to photograph us !"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jhadoo Pocha of the Heavenly Type

Another amazing capture of early mornings at dawn in the Corbett jungles from prolific travel writer, and photo blogger Lakshmi Sharath, one of the set of bloggers who were recently invited by Club Mahindra to visit the Corbett National Park.

"Jhadoo-Pochha " is the vernacular reference to the sweeping and mopping of the household floor that takes place in every Indian household everyday in the early morning.

The photo magically gives the impression, that the mighty Sun is not immune to these wonderful customs, and is doing a "radiant jhadoo-pochha", of the jungle roads, just ahead of , possibly the jeep carrying the bloggers, coming by......

(apologizing for a ordinary middle class take on such a wonderful photographic capture; but we are like that only ....:-))

(photo by Lakshmi Sharath)
Early mornings in India
sprinklings of dew
on the
just awoken green,
disturbed brown dust,
even the jungle
doesnt miss out
on the
done so radiantly
by the Sun,
giant sweeping
ahead of the
Bloggers group
advancing in the jeep....... 

The secret of the Tiger Spots.....

Lakshmi Sharath, prodigious travel writer, photoblogger, and land explorer, along with some other photobloggers and writers, was recently invited to participate on a trip to Corbett National Park. One has been enjoying the various photos that have been clicked by folks, and this particular one got the wheels in the cerebrum churning in wonder.

Spots of early sunlight, in dark blanketed woods in Corbett. I just wondered, what would happen if the colors were reversed. And i learnt the secret of the tigers spots, dark on an offwhite-gold background.

Together, the sunspotted woods and the dark spotted tiger,  make up Nature as a whole;  A bright field day, or as Lakshmi says, "the darkest hour", just before the dawn, in Corbett woods.

(photo by Lakshmi Sharath)
The plus and minuses
the living universe
must balance
into a dark night ,
or a bright
sunny day.

Match this
and complement it
with the tigers spots;
Bright on dark,
and dark on offwhite.

To get
the dark woods,
or a bright day.

I now know
the Corbett tiger
got its lovely spots from....

Diwali Scrubs and Wishes....

Adityavardhan Paranjape, a nephew of sorts, and an avid photographer , is just into colllege. And photography. More into animals and birds and trees.

He just posted this photo clicked on a trip to Dapoli , on the picturesque Kokan Coast south of Mumbai, on the West Coast of India.

The timing of this during Diwali, suggested a traditional Diwali bath, "Abhyanga Snana", taken early in the morning, with oil massages, traditional scrubs, and a decent breakfast with the rising sun.

Which the birds seem to be enjoying....

Naturally, the white, and the grey, and the absence of black, had me thinking....:-)

Cool nippy
Diwali mornings
the Kokan Coast.
These worthies
doing "Abhyanga Snana"
amidst the sea waves,
flavoured by
and rubbed by sand,
to emerge
a smattering of grey.

And then
there are those
in impressive places,
who also "fly" high,
and return
for the "Abhyanga Snana"
immersed as they are
in green and black and red;

there is
such an abundance
of the black,
it refuses to go away
the soap and scrub,
are so dishonest......

So enjoy the seagulls,
the new morning,
and a Happy Diwali ......

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life Crossings.....

Blogger friend Dhiren aka Hitchwriter was recently the official blogger for the MTB Himachal Cycle race, a difficult trip through the mountains and hills of Himachal Pradesh. Despite being part of a priviledged group that travelled in a four wheeler, observing stuff, there came a time when they had to traverse certain areas on foot, and climb through jungles at night, after finding the bridge below, in pitch darkness.

As he says,

"...this was by far the most eventful two days during the trip... a trek from Tandlu the last motorable point at 11.30 pm on a moonless night trying to cross a river and climb a mountain to reach Janglik at 1.30 am !!!! The trek was shit scaring however no one mentioned anything till we reached. Once we reached we realised that even in 2-3 Degree temperature we were sweating like hogs !!!!!

A super super adventure trek... too bad it was too dark to click pics ! but then something are just in the heart !"

See the other pictures here

Naturally, some old lady thinks there is a lesson to be learned......

(photograph by Dhiren)

Many crossings in life
difficulties and problems
in full flow
and spate),
are made,
thanks to 
the age old
carefully prepared
and structured
piles of
"PuNya"***  support
of your ancestors,
of the
shaky dark paths
ahead of you.......

*** PuNya : Good Karma of your ancestors benefiting you....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Politics and Birds

A wonderful capture of the Asian Koel(female) by blogger friend Magiceye. This photograph of the bird feeding on a Banyan tree in Bandra East (a western suburb of Mumbai) is posted as part of the Mumbai Daily : Camera Critters series today. 

The Asian Koel (female) has some intriguing habits. When it is time to procreate, the bird lays eggs, not in a nest built out of its own hard work and industry, but in nests belonging to crows, sometimes, even along with the crows eggs which may be resting there. The koel is also known to bring in food to feed its own (that too, in someoneelse's premises).

While it attracts a decent audience that gets captivated by the wonderful calling sounds it makes, it stops short, of evicting the crow's own eggs from the crow's own nest, when it installs its own eggs there. Probably worries about its own reputation in the Bird World Constituency.

Why does this remind me of some people ? Read on ..... :-))

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
The Asian Koel(female)
our Indian Politicians
just one difference....

Both specialize
in furthering
their families
and supporters
by trespassing
on something
like housing,
belonging to others
and then acting
as if
it was always theirs.

can swallow big things
like the fruits of
someoneelse's labor.

Its just that
the Koel
its black and white

The Indian politician
only spiffy
white Khadi
Black deeds and money
stuffed inside........

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Champion....

Blogger friend LadyFi, is a British lady living in in Sweden. Read more about her here.

About her dog, Oscar, who appears here, she says, "No matter how cold it gets, In frost or snow, Oscar is always ready to dive into rainbows And swim in waters of reflected skies of blue....." .

I so agree. And I guess , so do Bozo, Sam Schnauzer  and company.

  (all photos by Ladyfi)
at the breast,
hind legs
stretched like an arrow,
he leaps
in his Freestyle
into the blue.

the blue of the clouds,
the floating white
stroking by,
the sharp green
with the leaves applauding
his stance.

No Speedos
and body suits,
but a luxuriant
royal brown,
An Oscar,
fit for a king.

Eat your heart out
Michael Phleps and Alexander Popov….

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ballad of the FSI.........

A posting by blogger friend Magiceye, as part of the  Mumbai daily: Skywatch Friday series.

A typical silhouette against the Mumbai sky, that of buildings being constructed higher and higher, and construction of higher floors waiting, for new investors  to fund it.  With limited space in Mumbai, Floor Space Index (or FSI)  granted to you by the authorities, , for the given piece of land, decides how high you can go.

It is not unknown for unscrupulous builders (are there any other type),  to exceed FSI's , in their greed to make profits. The spikes on the building in the photograph, in contrast with the adjoining trees and the free flying soaring bird,  made the following happen ...

They grow best
when FSI
is given
at birth....

rising high,
thriving greens
and flora,
shade for the tired,
for the birds,
need no permission
to enjoy the sun
Up There...

once cracking
through an egg,
walking as if on egg shells,
now soaring
high up,
dipping wings occasionally
in a Salute
to the FSI giver...

And we,
the so called smart ones,
kill trees,
dilute cement,
miscalculate ,
scrimp on truth,
and abuse
the given FSI
to build higher and higher.

He looks down,
pointy spikes
hurt ......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bozoical jungle philosophy....

Bozo, (the only dog in mumbai with his own blog), again suffered from separation pangs , when his master and my  blogger friend Magiceye, took off for an invited visit to Corbett National Park recently.   

Since it's very hot in Mumbai now, he (Bozo) didn't do his usual activities of  going for a walk in Bandra too often, stayed in the house, awaiting the return of Magiceye, and showed a rare maturity of thought (despite all the leaping up and down and wagging of tails)  when Magiceye returned....

Like Bozo said:   " Forgive him guys... He had gone on a trip to the jungles to spot a tiger... Thank God he has come back safe!  "

Actually, I know what Bozo was thinking .......he told me. You can see it in his face :

"Talking of jungles,
this city is becoming one,
made of two wheelers,
and intimidating individuals,
drunkenly driving
to kill......

I know
Lord Ram
went to the jungles
with his family
obey his cunning aunt.....

I know Pandavas
went to the jungles
that too
with family,
they lost a bet
and a kingdom
and had to honor the rules.

In today's world,
don't have cunning aunts,
they don't lose bets
and kingdoms,
and they actually fly
to the jungles
to see tigers,
as a prize !

Seeta and Lakshman
went with Lord Ram,
All the Pandavas
went with Youdhishtir,
i guess
the least
I can do
go to the jungles
next time
with Deepak ....:-)

Wishing Bozo a wonderful trip in the future ......!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coming home....

Blogger friend E. lives in the midst of the woods in a cottage, in one of the South Eastern states of the US.  In her late seventies, she has a wonderful green thumb, and enjoys a wonderful garden of flowers,herbs,vegetables and fruit, and is blessed with the sight of the woods, and endless growing farmland with corn and soy crops, as she sits  on her patio, enjoying her cup of tea, sometimes by herself, and sometimes in the midst of her family, young and old. 

She recently wrote a post on how at one time she was interested in having a greenhouse, and recently went to visit one.

She takes wonderful photographs (see below and her other posts), and that set me thinking.........

As she says, "But at the moment I will take the woods, dirt, gardening, Miss Callie (dog), and my small cottage....."

(all photos by E)
  It is
really a choice...

perfect Miss Americas
on their high heels,
color coordinated and
swaying ,
a fixed smile,
hair falling just so,
not a degree
here and there.

These are exported
and they win prizes.

the other,
is a smiling
well scrubbed girl,
a bit of flour in her hair,
coming to the door
to welcome you,
half way
the surprise cake
she baked for you,
and then
rushing upstairs
to fix that red dress
she wants
to wear for a
special tomorrow

These are those
bring people
home to you.....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Garbage in, garbage out....

The first time one heard the term "Garbage In, Garbage Out" , was when one worked in software projects. Turns out that the principle is more widely applicable in the real world....

In the beginning
of the world
there was garbage,
with methylated DNA's.

By leaps and bounds,
cerebral cortexes
with evolving abuse
for another biped..

Vicious expletives,
comparison with
female dogs,
and wishing
a cursed stay
in a garbage pail...

She wondered
if pigs
call each other
when angry,
or rats wish garbage on each other,
since humans did...

An ulcerated
pock marked with abuse,
as she lay
breathing her last,
she willed
her body
to be donated
for research.

No false tears and
just a shameless
visage of
one who inspired the move.

A fine cutting up,
and a return
to garbage,
but enriching
some minds
and learning
in the bargain.

Enumerated as garbage,
treated like dirt
and now,
back to garbage........

And the pigs
and rats
look on,
at the humans,
and wonder
what happened to evolution....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Super Dogs and Duper Humans

My blogger friend Sylvia posted this photo on her blog.

While there is an entire dog clothes industry dedicated to making dog clothes, seasonal specials, fancy outfits and stuff, there is one basic difference between fellows wearing dalmation clothes and say, dogs wearing human clothes.

That occured to me, that is.

See below .....

He is quick,
he is brave,
he is loyal,
makes you feel royal....

Dressing like him
doesn't gift you with
these attributes,
as a
money minded,
power individual,
to showing
and walking around
with chained animals....

Just as
dressing the
in superman costumes
will not make him

He never forgets
those who
pet him,
and theirs;
a loyal friend,
who listens
and nods,
and stands by you
at the end of the day.

Not just superman,
but super-hu-man......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bunker in the woods.....

Blogger friend Ladyfi is a British lady living in Sweden, has a absolutely wonderful photoblog, and posts in amazing detail some photographs of some World war 1 bunkers, that were found and preserved in Sweden, in the woods. Like massive Viking helmets, rising from the ground. Have a look at them here . (She has kindly allowed me to use some of her photos here).....

Some of her photographs, taken inside the bunker, give a lot of "character"  to the bunker.  Mean looking, darkly foreboding, sinister chap,  sniffing and being disapproving about what today's world has come to......suddenly Archie Bunker came to mind...(that's how old I am :-)

I wouldn't want to be inside or even nearby such a bunker  on a cold dark night....:-)

 (inside the bunker, looking out. photo by Ladyfi)

(the actual bunker in the woods, photo by Ladyfi)
The old Man Bunker, white of hair
falling over his wide eyes
that reflect
the beauty and light
of the green outside;
a dark snub nose
sniffing superiorly sideways
and dark lips
wrinkly carved cheeks
pursing to the left
in abject disapproval’
“Hmmpf !
What’s this lady doing here with a camera ?”

Bozoical Pearls of Wisdom

Bozo went through some lonesome times when his family was on a North India trip. An avid watcher of the ethos of this city, he did a lot  of reflection (see photo) on his own  when alone, and finally took recourse to Yoga , in the form of "Balasan ".  What he didnt know that this is called "A Child's pose" (bal ~ child), and helps clear anxieties and bring calmness to your mind. 

Blogger friend  Magiceye  clicked him during one such session. And posted it , on Bozo's own blog, to inspire all his worldwide friends like Sam Schanuzer, Lindy etc.

My worldly anxieties,
worrying about
bothersome folks
throwing stones,
driving speed contraptions
all over the street,
wayward girls like Lassie,
local Pandus
gleefully troubling folks
at Bandstand...

I tried
praying at the Bandra Fair,
seeking the Siddhivinayak,
even the Haji Ali Dargah
via the Sealink,
but finally
found a solution
in Balasana,
a Child's Yoga pose,
to be done by elders....

Guaranteed to
remove anxiety,
calm the mind,
nod off on cool floor;

However . 

I'm just waiting
for the wonderful
fish lunch
happening in the kitchen.....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Yoga for Dragonflies...

Small insects tell us so many things. A photo posted by blogger friend Magiceye as part of the Mumbai daily Monochrome Mania series. As he says, "A dragonfly in monochromatic glory at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai."

The pose is reminiscent of a Yoga pose called Mayuraasana, or the peacock pose. It reminded me of elders in the family (now no more) , who were Yoga practitioners, following Iyengar Yoga , where seniors were encouraged to perform the various positions, with the help of available props in the house, like pillows, and ropes, and chairs for support.

This dragonfly's pose and the unusual base, just reminded me of that .....(Can't say if its a senior dragonfly...:-))  ..)

of dragonfly by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)

Not for him
the carpet of grass
or a wooden flat branch
up in the tree;

He follows Iyengar Yoga
for the elderly-
Yoga asanas
with a slow
graceful movement
with the help of
normally available props....

Like a broken branch,
bravely standing
like his wings
coming together
at the head
in praise
of the One who made him......

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A worship of the darting type...

A wonderful capture of a squirrel by blogger friend Magiceye, at the Jagdish (Lord of the Universe) Temple in Udaipur, posted, as part of the 365 Project series .

And it occurs to the mind, that so many squirrels , must have enjoyed playing hide and seek, over centuries, perhaps, inspiring a sculptor to make the petal curvature just so; artistic full curves, reminiscent of an observed striped furry back, for those that play, in the face of straight, upright, learned types, who have a different mode of worship....

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)

Stepping down
the carved centuries
one level
at a time,
unintimidated by
painstakingly crafted
plain upright lines
monolithic art,
circles, curves, petals
and all,
supporting the climb
to the
exalted heavenly heights;

centuries ago,
a sculptor,
of the full blown curve
in the back
of a Mewar squirrel,
sculpted the panels
just so,
inviting it
with a wink,
to store its
collected nuts
in the crevices....

The sport continues....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Takeoff into tthe future.....

He says, "Waiting for Air Traffic Control to give clearance for take off at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai.".

That's what it certainly looks like in this photo posted by blogger friend Magiceye, as part of the Mumbai Daily :Saturday Photohunt series.

And then one wonders about the hassles we face when we fly somewhere, and what a wonderful life this butterfly has.   Is there a lesson there ? I dont know.

There was certainly a poem there....:-)

A peep into the future.

Instant untaxied takeoffs,
at will
by Immigration
and Security;
random stopovers,
without visas,
bipeds frisking you;
nectar and honey,
and the baggage ,
if any,
only in the mind.

The dance
of the wings
in the sunlight;
the brilliant white
in the wings
is a solar collector
cranking up
the power
as it flits
through the green.

Going green ?
Boeing,Lockheed,Airbus Industrie?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tree and Empathy.....

The Sewri Mudflats on Mumbai's eastern seaboard. Normally home to thousands of flamingoes, who migrate every year from somewhere and arrive to enhance their population, eggs safely warm and hatchable in the damp mangrove soil.  In some other season, egrets visit, to check the place out....

 Blogger friend Magiceye  just posted this photograph as part of the "ABC Wednesday -L" series, calling it "Lonesome at the Sewri Mudflats".

Besides  suggesting some words,which I have added to the wonderful photo , it also gave me some other ideas , just so that the egret shouldn't feel it is alone....

Trying something new :-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What a life :-(

Blogger friend Magiceye, with his amazing eye , posted this brilliant portrait as part of the Magiceye Fotothing.   A goat, somewhere in the  western region , in North Gujarat or Rajasthan. 

It brings to mind, immediately, the visions of goats, that one sees under some very different situations.  Sometimes, to propitiate some God, sometimes to satisfy some one's greed.

And one can only admire the restraint exhibited by this one, as it thoughtfully, goes about its life, quietly, living in the moment, full well knowing that there may be no tomorrow .....

What a life !

From gamboling
around the mother,
skipping along
to feed on the
green meadows,
policed by a
bossy barking dog,
who is secretly a friend...

To being shoved
in a group
at the back of a truck
and deposited
to be shown off
and examined
as a candidate.

A rope around the neck,
cheek by jowl with
the brethren;
Haggled and sold
to some
who will rejoice
with a single stroke
of a butchers knife,
across his neck.

His is
not to think and hope;
Or to pray
for a life;
He contemplates his purpose
on this earth
and accepts.

There cannot be
so many goats
year after year,
with bad karma
from their previous lives.

Bullish minds ?

Blogger friend Magiceye posted this profile of a Bull, encountered on a recent trip through the western states on Gujarat and Rajasthan.

I have always been fascinated by the expressions on the faces of bulls and cows. Greatly revered (along with cows) as a sacred and toiling animal, I often wonder what must be going through its mind, as it encounters us, the careless bipeds....

A regal profile,
a multipurpose
for everything it has,
by a breed,
that has so much,
it overflows as trash;

Places to live,
places to learn (nothing),
places to walk,
and yet,
as he
the Bull,
steps through a life,
eyes down,
horns rising
in supplication
to the one above,
perhaps a crow
enjoying a ride on the hump,
and yet,
the mouth is muzzled.

spitting out some froth,
he shakes
his muzzled head,
and then
why they call it a democracy....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bozoical contemplations.....

Blogger friend Magiceye posted this in the blog dedicated to his friend Bozo.  Folks were off to Rajasthan, and he wasn't. The pangs of separation, and the excitement of their return,  had Bozo kind of jumping joyously around, sometimes in places he wasn't supposed to do that. 

And Bozo  is a bit worried and sorry,,,,

Its OK, Bozo. We ignore the paw marks.

  He has probably never been to Rajasthan , but it doesn't matter. He feels fairly royal right here in Bandra itself. Eat your heart out Lassie of Bandra.....

Someone at the door,
key in the latch,
I would be agog.

Jumped up and down,
sometimes on the sofa,
raced on to the bed.

But no one came.

I would stand,
legs up on the sill,
waiting to see
a familiar car turn in.....

I did continue
my daily walks
smirking and driving
to Carter Road
in her
chauffeur driven
Honda City,
I liked
confused look
on her face,
when I asked her
"you know Rajasthan ?...."

(Who does she think she is, Lassis Hilton ?).......

High Up There, looking down....

This is a posting by my blogger friend Magiceye, as part of the Mumbai daily : Monochrome Mania .  A view of a concrete uprising,  in a northeastern  suburb of Mumbai, Mulund.

(This is amazingly unrepresentative of what comes to mind when one thinks of Mulund; huge highrises, crowds, shops crowding the ground floors, hawkers selling stuff, thriving markets etc etc. But Mulund is also near the Hills, and construction has slowly spread to these areas too.   So enjoy the impression this photo creates, of stately houses, in huge parks, canopies of trees and so on. We will not look below ......)....

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Man of the World,
solid and prestigious,
impressive profile,
conservative build,
upper class,
looking down,
and a beacon
for those aspiring
to be a clone....

should there be
something to hide,
regardless of how many
fences and compounds
they erect
to hide the low stuff,
at the end of the day,
its the
good old Green
of the Earth,
protecting you,
surrounding you,
for free,
a shade for children,
a haven for birds,
all the while,
oxygenating those
high up there.....

Sunday, October 2, 2011


She lives
a life on rent,
and slogs
to smithereens,
presented with
evolved abuse,
a manic thrill,
of a cerebellum
drunk on tenterhooks,
an onslaught of  words
that pierce
to the
osteoporotic bone.

And while being
vilely cursed
to the
female of the
canine species,
she wonders....

The actual
of the canine species,
in solitary splendour,
on the carpet,
nuzzling the armchair leg,
tail occasionally wagging,
ears ,
sometimes drooping,
sometimes alert,
sensing the arrival
of someone
with some goodies
solely for her.....
A back rub,
a neck scratch,
and maybe,
just maybe,
some complimentary words.

Two scenes.
Is that evolution
(or devolution)
a dog-hates-bitch world...?