Friday, October 21, 2011

Ballad of the FSI.........

A posting by blogger friend Magiceye, as part of the  Mumbai daily: Skywatch Friday series.

A typical silhouette against the Mumbai sky, that of buildings being constructed higher and higher, and construction of higher floors waiting, for new investors  to fund it.  With limited space in Mumbai, Floor Space Index (or FSI)  granted to you by the authorities, , for the given piece of land, decides how high you can go.

It is not unknown for unscrupulous builders (are there any other type),  to exceed FSI's , in their greed to make profits. The spikes on the building in the photograph, in contrast with the adjoining trees and the free flying soaring bird,  made the following happen ...

They grow best
when FSI
is given
at birth....

rising high,
thriving greens
and flora,
shade for the tired,
for the birds,
need no permission
to enjoy the sun
Up There...

once cracking
through an egg,
walking as if on egg shells,
now soaring
high up,
dipping wings occasionally
in a Salute
to the FSI giver...

And we,
the so called smart ones,
kill trees,
dilute cement,
miscalculate ,
scrimp on truth,
and abuse
the given FSI
to build higher and higher.

He looks down,
pointy spikes
hurt ......

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