Sunday, October 27, 2013

His heart in his eyes.....

It is truly amazing, what blogging and a wide exposure to folks from around the world can do to a fellow lke Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog .

He has now started paying attention to names of folks, and their various meanings
And while he has certain friends in Bandra (West) who are named after TV characters, and behave like stars, his research has really enlightened him. About himself too.

You can see it on his face and his eyes !

I meet
so many folks these days,
with so many different names,
I am yet to meet
two people
with the same name.

And although some
bearded person
has wondered
"what's in a name"
I have learned the meanings....

There are some who visit me
from far away lands,
and tickle me
with their right hand,
because ,
thats what their name,
Yamini means.

Then there are those
who stayed here earlier
but now are far away,
but so full of Sneh
or Affection
for me....

Of course,
my life road
is lit
by a guiding Light,
much like the
oil Deepaks
of Deepavali,
I do feel like telling
the Desert Storme
in the garage
she can have the Oil
and I will keep Deepak....

But the best is my name Bozo.

They say
it is the name
belonging to a clown,
who continues
to bring great joy
to young and old alike...

You can see
it all
in my face,
can't you !


  1. Yes, I surely can see it all in your handsome face, Bozo, and I love it!!! Have a barking good week!!

  2. Hari OM
    Have researched and found many meanings for my name - none of them about tickling with right hand... however, am delighted to accept this new interpretation where it involves Bozo, or any of my darling animal pals!!!

    Thank you Ugich-amma, this is a lovely poem and reflects the light in his eye. YAM xx