Friday, May 31, 2013

Mind Colors

My FB friend Pandit Gourang Kodicalji, has an unending supply of amazing visuals, which he keeps posting from time to time.

Like these two penguins, out for a walk , on a beach, possibly somewhere in the southern coast of South Africa.

Unlike us, they do not bother too much about black and white, possibly because they were born in a Mandelian South Africa. 

The reality, as I understand could be different.  But there is much that we might learn from them....

those beings
with evolved cerebral cortexes
who have reduced
money,minds, and religion
to black and white,
these chaps know
white is a mixture of all,
and black is when
there is nothing;

Life is all about
sharing and mixing
so you
feel as one
when you
walk down
or even swim
through the greys of life...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elephantine Fix

My FB friend Pandit Gaurang Kodical posted this amazing visual on FB.

An elder seriously perturbed elephant, sweating out his load of worries, kind of unmoved, by the beseeching of a junior elephant ,  who seems to have emerged with a lot of mud after messing around in the muck.

I wondered what advice the elder was giving the younger.  And I just remembered the IPL latest scam.

A hassled Jumbo,
listening and advising
a misled young Dumbo
now in much trouble.

Jumbo's difficult times,
his position threatened,
sweating out
the countrywide
of his ambition
of profiteering
through Bat and Ball.

He stands,
firmly stuck in the slush
listening and advising
the careless Dumbo,
who ventured
out of the cement jungle...

"Dont come and whisper,
pretend that
you dont know me,
and you might get somewhere",
he said
"You know,
they say
We have excellent memory,
but some folks in Mumbai
remember even better..


No. Bozo Amembal is NOT a disciple of Baba Ramdev , or any other guru.

 He has this innate ability to reach levels of relaxation by assuming some interesting poses. He clearly has never attended a Yoga class, or watched early morning shows on television. Magiceye captures him in one such pose .....

And he is simply amused  that the bipeds call this Balasana, or child's pose, and say it relaxes them.

I mean, he always thought it was Bozasana .....

The restlessness
of an unforgiving summer,
a recent stay away from home,
the increasing troublesome
pollution in the air
and an onslaught
of terrible visuals and news
that I see on TV
as I lie on the floor
next to Magiceye
on the sofa....

And  I sometimes
just close my eyes,
relax on my stomach
stretching my limbs back
hark back
to my younger days,
when things were
so much cooler
and better.

I do this

It seems
all these biped folks
learn and do this
and call it Balasana ,
or the Child Pose in Yoga.

All I can say
is that we fellows
a little bit
of a child
in our minds.

you will,
without learning,
do it instinctively too,
if you
nurture that innermost child ....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bozoical take on Fixing.....

Magiceye posted this photo recently, and so many thought it was Mumbai's blogging dog, Bozo .

Actually it was someone else , clicked by Magiceye, when he attended a Dog Show in Birmingham a month or more ago.

 It is easy to see why folks thought this was Bozo, given the great expression, the sincerity, and the unwavering faith in the almighty,  for which Bozo is known.  

Actually this is Bozo's NRI cousin.

They both follow cricket and are disgusted with what folks have done to the game.  They think and look alike, although there is a fine distinction in their looks.  Like Bozo is our desi Vidya Balan to this cousin's hi fi Aishwarya Rai....

in the face of
stories of so many
who have forgotten
the meanings

game, play, fair,
and honest,
with eyes
full of understanding
for some who were led astray,
and a mind
untrusting of those
he thought were big masters,
he finally
looks up
to the Supreme Umpire
and says,
Forgive the young,
they only emulated
the Big Ones
have been doing all along...."

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bozoical Highs....

Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog, is actually technologically greatly enabled besides being philosophically perceptive. He is aware of the technology around him, and participates in the use of some of it. He has watched the London Olympics with Magiceye, and proudly wears the personalized Olympic blue collar with his name on it.

As much as he loves getting his "highs"  he , at all times, has his feet, firmly planted on the ground.

Here he is, clicked by Magiceye,  waiting for the elevator in his building; one of the "highs" he enjoys...

My life
has so many Highs.

There are lows too,
but I have learned to ignore them.

The high
of seeing a
missing childhood face
after many years.

The high
of coming back home
after a month away
with my pals...

The early morning
impatient high,
when someone puts on their shoes
to accompany me out
on our morning walk...

The high
of riding in a four wheeler,
looking into the wind,
Deepak at the wheel,
and the Desert Storm Enfield
stewing in the gaage
in uncontrolled jealousy
because it
cant sit in the car.....

The high
of having a great bath
and wearing
my special gold medal collar
with my name on it,
from the London olympics.

But nothing beats
the high
I get
from stepping
into automatic elevator doors,
and rising up
like magic,
only to step out
and enter the house,
amidst the
crackling kadhipatta and mirchi
tadka sounds
and yummy smells
telling me
that my Upma is ready ..

Yes, I am very traditional that way....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bozoical Cosmetics....

This possibly might be the precursor to what might eventually be the Bozo India Fashion Week, but Bozo, Mumbai's only blogging dog has now started modelling exclusively for Magiceye.

Most folks get treats after they model. And Bozo has been promised some stuff too.

But really, he is not a run of the mill model, and it might be worthwhile to see what goes on in his mind, as he gives his statesman like poses while Magiceye clicks.

I mean
John Abraham,
runs shirtless and talks
creams that whiten...
And Katrina Kaif
walks around emanating
molecules of
Yardley of London,
not to mention
ShahRukh Khan
brushing teeth.

To tell the truth,
I was approached,
by  the "Oh My Dog !" Brand folks
to be
the Show stopper for India,
to display
Kiwi Shamppos,
Jojoba Shampoos
and Plum-Vanilla Fragrance Wipes
and advertise
Ear Cleaning and Eyebrow Trimming
Dog Spa treatments.

I simply raised my
naturally impressive eyebrows
had to politely decline.

I am still
the show stopper and show starter
for the family,
even though
I smell of the garden earth,
and normal bath shampoo,
with decent scrubbing,
occasional smells
of dosa
and Pohe thrown in.

I mean
why would Magiceye ask me
to model for him ?

Maybe they are coming out
with Idli flavor shampoo ?


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Goat Power ?

My FB friend Pandit Gaurang Kodical  created a very evocative visual featuring a  goat and a politician.  The inspiration must have been this piece of news .

In a normal world, a person works for someone and gets paid. In rarefied power worlds,  a person pays the job giver , in order to work.  

In a world of bribe givers and bribe takers, it might  be considered  possible, that the Gods too, can be bribed.  With  a goat ? 

The message sent out
is that
may be used to
atone for your sins.

The GoG(Group of Gods) Up There,
have met,
scrutinized the sinner,
and just defined

People kill people.
People kill animals.
Animals kill people.

This is the fourth category.

Animals kill animals..

I rest my case.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feigning innocence

Photoblogger Pankaja  Date, is in the habit of noticing folks who are in a self examining mode, particularly if they have wings. She recently posted this capture of a crow doing exactly that at a junction of two overhead cables, in the wooded area where she lives.

The entire expression and body language of the crow just reminded me of how some people in the News have been behaving currently.

Reaching the top
is a sometimes
dicey, difficult
unless of course,
there is a
hitherto invisible
rope thrown
specially for you....

The law
looks for evidence,
the Ethics
is all about looking within .

Some look
and admit mistakes,
and some
bend deep enough
to recognize gaps
and loopholes,
through which they look,
only to
straighten up,
put on a righteous face ,
look straight back
at the world,
and say :
"Me, I am innocent!
The rope ?
What rope ?..."

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jai Ho!

My FB friend Pandit Gourang Kodicalji, recently posted a great photograph of 3 cats. Smart, spiffy, alert and totally dedicated , and it brought to mind,  childhood flag hoisting on National Days celebrated at school, as we proudly stood saluting the flag, without moving, watched by all at school.

Something inspired by the expressions on the faces of the cats.....

We may be
like stealth runners
as we leap about,
chasing public rats,
and occasional

that sometimes practice
in lofts and balconies.

We are like kids,
lapping up stuff,
and licking the bowl clean,
to rush out to play
and unravel balls of wool,
and sometimes,
to curl up ourselves
like a ball
on the keyboard
of a warm laptop.

But watch us
in action
when they play the anthem.

We are simply the cats whiskers,
as we stand
brushed, clean,
smart, straight,
at attention,
dedicated to our flag...

Purring a salute......

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Citizen Lilly

Photoblogger Pankaja Date, lugs her camera everywhere. More so when she has just acquired a new lens. Sometimes even the butterflies notice that.

And so it came to pass that one such, hotfooted on to the spider lilly, when Pankaja was about to click, and appeared in the photo.  Thanks to her lens , you can clearly see the unfurled proboscis.

I thought there was a message in all the colors , the Spider-Lilly,  the  fancy butterfly and yes, the unfurled proboscis.

Read on

Nature never fails.

Day after day,

an opening up to the world
adorned with streaks
of the National Colors,
enjoying a green Life.

A welcoming
democratic bloom,
to all those seeking
the Honey of Life,
sharing it with all
be it
a butterfly,
a moth,
a bee
or even tiny ants.

an unexpected arrival
of a powerful
richly endowed one
the others who
scurry away .

Unlike what is happening
in our country,
the Lily mobilizes
and camouflages the honey pots.

The show stopper,
flares the wings
in frustration,
looks around
for places
to grab the honey.

The proboscis,
coiled in anger,
unable to unfurl
to steal.

The Lily is so much better
than us
at conserving resources
from the greedy types.

Bozoical Class

Bozo , Mumbai's blogging dog, , is a very patient chap. he understands how the human mind works, and he bides his turn at things, in the big war between biology and technology.

Although he is threatened at every turn by a powerful two wheeler vying for Magic Eye's attention, he believes Old is gold, and that  technology  becomes obsolete,  but one must remember , like Sachin Tendulkar, that physical Form (wheels and all) may be temporary, but Bozoical Class, is simply, as they say,  permanent ....

Trains, planes,
swishing cars,
on motorways
and then a return
back to
Amchi Mumbai.

You would think
this preponderance of wheels
would affect you ?

The human mind,
does gradual changes.

And so
Magiceye went off
on a jealous two wheeler
on a ride with his friends
several times.

I mean
I know
I am not as fast,
I don't growl continuously
as I move,
I don't blind people
with my shining eyes
I don't insist on mirrors,
and most of all,
you don't have to kick me
to get me started.

I love to meander
with you,
watching the world go by,
new blossoms,
new smells,
new friends
out on their walks,
a sudden summer breeze,
batata vada smells,
dug up roads,
new potholes,
and of course,
trees and lampposts....

Forget wheels .
Can we now go for that walk please ?