Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Brave and the Desolate

Sometimes the desolate appears as magnificent as the snowy mountain peaks. That is , if you have a special eye,and are travelling in Nepal, See this for more magnificence....

(photo by Kavi Arasu.)

Like a
spreading her
threadbare shawl
to shelter
...the leafy little ones,
she faces
the impending
winter chill,
shorn of her own personal protection.

Amidst the
chilly flows and
silver snowdrops,
beneath a
threatening sky,
she has lost all she has,
except her indomitable spirit.

And the sky turns
purple in shame,
as she
looks up,
brave at the peak,
spreads out her hands,
as if to question it,
demanding an explanation
on why the world is so harsh
at the top !


  1. Love the graphic syncing of words!

  2. Very thoughtful..
    and a very beautiful picture indeed.. :)

  3. Mothers :- Mavaan thandiyaan chavaan ....

    and the never give up attitude for the little ones ..

    loved the poem