Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Fate of the Flamingoes.....

The Sewri mud flats and swamps on Mumbai's eastern seaboard, are home to pink flamingoes migrating from the west every year. The dirty, swampy, ignored flats are a natural gestation place, and the flamingoes lay eggs there, because it is safe.

The government in its usual "wisdom" plans to build a bridge there up to Nhava Shiva across the bay, despite environmentalists warning against spoiling the natural ecosystem.

My friend Runcil Rebello went on a trip there, and took some wonderful photos. Have a look at the other photos here.

Before the bridge happens, and the flamingoes depart.

(photo by Runcil Rebello)

The flamingo ladies
traipse daintily
the meeting venue ;
they must stop
the wild Nhava bridge
that threatens
to tear
thru their swamp.

She's been flying in
every year
eastwards from Gujarat,
in the pink of health.

Its her maika***,
be it
algae-ly green,
foot sinking trash.

And so,
its the safest place
to lay her eggs,
from the
and natural jackals
of the city.
She too is safe,
from hunters
of the meat;
her slender wiry frame
doesn't appeal
to the Carnivores of Mumbai.

What she doesn't know,
is that the same
jackals and crooks
eye her maika,
with gleaming eyes.

The project
will take a toll
of her life,
but will earn
toll income
for the crooks....

***maika :maternal home

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