Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Contemplations of Bozo ...

Mumbai's first Blogger Dog, Bozo Amembal, is back , after a longish layover.  Old age does that to you sometimes. It is not that he was unwell, but he was just enjoying himself in peace, doing nothing important.

He is aware of the happenings in the country. He listens to people talk at home. He even reads the paper , by leaning over someone, putting his front feet on the sofa back. He watches TV, and sometimes he simply turns away his head, because what he is seeing is nothing new.

He tends to be a thinker in his old age; and sometimes he disapproves of what he sees, day-in and day out, currently, on TV.

His mentor and chronicler of his Life and Times, Deepak , caught him in one of his contemplative moods.....

So much to think and mull over.

I too love my treats,
I love to hide
and hoard them,
and enjoy them openly over a
period of time;
Occasionally someone in the house
will find them,
and notice
that much of the stuff has been chewed away
that they are now useless,
and throw them away.

I always think about it.

I should be hiding anything at all.

I certainly don't shout
and bark about it,
and go complaining endlessly
in the living room.

I also don't bark and
drown Deepak's words
when he tries explaining to me.

I suppose
Lassie of Carter Road
and my younger friends
don't think that way
and keep fighting
just to win.

In my old age,
I observe things around me
a lot,
including television;
and I certainly
learn a lot
about what NOT to be and do..

As these bipeds say.
"I am like that only...."


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  2. Why is it that I can identify myself with Mr Bozo Ambelal? I am surely getting greyer by the hour, except that I have no wordsmith or an imagesmith around me to chronicle my mellowing. I try to be my own fading mirror that is doing a poor job of it.