Sunday, January 22, 2017

एका जेवणाची दुसरी गोष्ट Alternate Food Stories....

My friend  Aruna Sambhare recently prepared this lovely traditional Marathi meal, consisting of Rice, Varan(Dal), Puris, Shrikhand,  a mixed Koshimbir(Salad),  a Palak sabji, and a Upwaas Potato sabji. The piece de resistance was the Walache Birde, a traditional Kokan preparation using field beans. 

And then she posted a photograph.

This photograph is a living example of folks feeling full after a look at the photograph. Excellent for those of us  who would otherwise go haywire enjoying it all, and let their diet go for a toss.

I had my fill, both of stomach and heart.  A full heart often waxes poetic.

First in Marathi , and then, an English effort.....

काय दिवस आले आहेत ,
कि कुटुम्ब म्हटलं की
आपल्याला विभक्त कुटुंब दिसतं ,
आणि एकत्र कुटुंब फारशी दिसत नाहीत .

आज काल दिसत नाही ,
पण हे ताट कुटुंब ,
अगदी एकत्र कुटुंब पद्धती प्रमाणे राहणारे .

भातराव आणि पुरीभाऊ
सख्खे भाऊ ,
अगदी गुण्या गोविंदाने राहणारे .
भातरावांची पत्नी वरणा,
तूप मीठ लिंबाचे अलंकार घालून नेहमी हजर.
पुरीभाऊंची पत्नी श्रीखंडा
मोठ्ठया घरातली,
आणि येऊन जाऊन असणारी;
पुरीभाऊंची रस्साबाईंशी असलेल्या जवळीकीची
तिला कुणकुण लागली असावी ,
पण ती तसं दाखवत नाही ,
आणि नेहमी पुरीभाऊंशेजारी उभी .

त्यांचे सुपुत्र पालक भाजीराव,
कांदा-दाणेकूट मस्तानीच्या नादी लागलेले,
आणि माहित असूनही,
पुरीभाऊ आपल्याला काहीच दिसलं नाही,
अशा अविर्भावात कोशिंबीरीला मध्ये घालून स्वस्थ.

भातरावांचे ज्येष्ठ पुत्र बटाटेराव ,
यांचा फराळी पद्धतीने कुटुंबात वावर ;
जिरे, कढीपत्ता , कोथिंबीर, खोबरे,
यांच्याशी उपास स्टाईल सात्विक जवळीक.

पण दिसतं तस नसतं,
आणि वालोबाराव बिरडे ,
हे कोकणातून आपला हक्क सांगायला आले ,
आणि बटाटे रावांच्या मनात जिरे कुचकुचले.

पुरीभाऊ आणि सौ श्रीखंडा बघत असता ,
बटाटे रावानचे स्थितप्रद्न्य असल्याचे अविर्भाव,
पण मनात दुसरंच.
आणि एकीकडे वालोबाराव बिरडयांची
हळूच भातरावांकडे मसालेदार ओली वाटचाल .

इतिहास सांगतो, कि पेशवाईचा अस्त झाला .

सद्य परिस्थिती अशी आहे ,
अरुणाराजे सांभाऱयांनी जेवायला आमंत्रण दिले आहे,
आणि ह्या स्वयंपाकी पेशवाईचा अस्त झाला नाही,
तरी सगळं पटकन फस्त मात्र होणार आहे
हे पक्कं !
What have we come to,
when the mention of "Family"
makes us think
of a Nuclear family,
and not a Joint family ?

We don't see any these days,
but the TaaT Family,
is clearly a Joint family.

Monsieur Rice and Herr Puri,
blood brothers,
living happily
as members of the Joint family.

Rice's wife, Varana,
is always around
decked up
in ornaments of ghee, salt and lemon.

Herr Puris's wife
hailing from a rich family,
kind of comes and goes.
Perhaps she is unaware
of the whispers
linking Herr Puri, with
the spicy Rassaabai,
or she knows
but it doesn't show
as she takes her place
next to Puri.

Their son, Palak Bhajirao,
cooking up an affair
with the Onion-Groundnut Mastani,
and Herr Puri,
ignoring and pretending
that he has seen nothing,
as he pushes the
Koshimbir salad between them.

Monsieur Rice's eldest son,
occasionally involving himself
with family stuff,
pretending to be Satvik,
associating with
Cumnins, kadhipattas , Coriander and Coconut.

At some point
the secret is out,
and Valoba Birde,
of the Kokan Birde's
arrives to stake his claim
as a descendant of Monsieur Rice.

Monsieur Puri and Shrikhanda
watch this,
all agape,
and although Potatorao
is troubled by the news
he pretends to be detached
about it all,
as Valoba Birde
slowly moves in a masala stream
towards Monsieur Rice.

Much like the History of the Peshwas,
and the sun setting on it
at some point.

The current situation
describes an invitation to dine
by Aruna Saambhare,
and although the Food Peshwas 
continue their reign,
folks are simply going to
finish it all , despite them.   


  1. Wah! What a wonderful taat and what wonderful poetry! Made for each other :)

  2. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.