Saturday, September 23, 2017

Yum and Powerful

My friend Deepak Amembal, always enjoys his food. More so if it is a dessert designed to make his sugar and calorie-counting  friends drool.

He recently visited a place called  Millenium Harbour in London,  (It says it is a Gym), and  posted this decadent picture of blackberries and blueberries , under a canopy of custard, with a brownie kind of victoriously perched on top.

Those who are permitted by fate to eat this, do. Others, make poems.

  It's the victory of white sugar
and cocoa
over natural fructose

of the black and blue berries.

Some say its the ability
of the berries to stand up to
slathers of custard
victorious in repose.

Scholars of current history,
Presidents, and utterances,
might mention
the rise of the brown
over the black and creamy white.

History and interpretations be damned.
The only winner are the taste buds.
Dig in .

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