Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mackerel Moksh!

My young friend Swapneel Prabhu,  belongs to a community which excels in cooking seafood in many traditional ways.    He recently experimented with smoked mackerel , using some traditionl utensils actually meant for other stuff, and described the meal ; in his words ,

"Smoked Mackerel (Bangda), Pomelo (Papanas), Boiled Red Rice (Ukda Tandul), Ambehalad - Tirphal/Teppal Vinaigrette and Sugarcane-Kand Crisps. I flaked the smoked mackerel and mixed in the fish petals with shredded Pomelo segments. The bright, fruity acidity of the Pomelo helped counter and balance the intense, smoky mackerel.
Toasting the plump boiled red rice with a little coconut oil accentuated the nuttiness.
The light Ambehalad (MangoTurmeric) Vinaigrette tied the dish together. The Tirphal/Teppal mellows down the deep earthy flavour of the dark meat in oily fish like Mackerel which can sometimes be bitter and dominating. Kand and Sugarcane Juice crisps completed the plate with their texture and sweetness

I am a vegetarian, and have tried and rejected fish in my younger days, because I thought it was grosse to cut up something lying there with eyes open.  However, I can appreciate someone's creative seafood meal efforts.

Swapneel's photo of the smoked Mackerel actually looked like a wry smile, and the imagination went into overdrive.   The title has been copied from Swapneel's comment on the poem.

They say a Mackerelian soul
hovers around
for a while,
convincing itself.

An early world departure
through a fishing net.
A hot smoking with
other dear departeds
in a copper smoker
aided by the tirphalian assists.

Then a final giving of oneself,
through a scrape,
to an asking pomelo
and a beautiful mix,
admired by a plump red rice
enjoying a coconut oil stir.
A mango ginger celebration
to wish the soul
on its onward journey.

A giving of itself
even after being no more.
The satiated human
playing around with sugarcane chips.

The Mackerelian Soul


It leaves to become one
with the Big Sea.

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