Thursday, January 4, 2018

Politics and the Art of Making Ladoos

Making Ladoos is all about willing ingredients and enveloping fingers and palms , that give the ingredients, reams of confidence in staying together. 

Today, very clearly, the ingredients show no confidence, and tend to fall apart. 

Just look at what happened in the New Year. 

She used to make
great laadus.

A special ability to
choose individual ingredients
with an inclusive attitude in life;
Ingredients that understood a roasting,
and the subsequent benefits;
The amazing welcome,
at all times,
to slightly fancy types who were nuts,
but loved falling in;
the feeling of coming together
healing each others syrupy injuries
and hurts;
and sometimes ,
a finishing by a ghee
whose sole aim was to pack everyone together
so they would stay together.

ambition has destroyed some of the folks,
sometimes a natural growth,
sometimes nurtured by outside influences.
Roastings get them angry,
the Nuts are targeted for being hard to change,
and it gets harder and harder
to hold everyone together,
despite the sweet syrup,
whose intentions are always suspected.

More often than not,
they frequently fall apart,
get hurt,
and once again,
she endeavours to put them back together;
a militant lot,
that is now in a different Kadhai of Life.

She used to make
great laadus.

Not any more.

It gets more and more difficult.

The sad part is,
she ends up believing
that that is the new normal,
and carries on....
in her old age.


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