Friday, August 7, 2009

Filling the pots....

In response to
this post , about a mother carrying her pots, of water and experience, as she traverses life with her children....

Tread softly on the banks,
so quiet flows now,
the river of Life;
A gurgle now,
a torrent then,
And she bends
into the stream,
sometimes with the current,
sometimes against....
All the while knowing
that the pots
filled with
the colors of experience
must reach
the children,
busy as they are,
their little boats,
their own little pots
of experience.....

Sometimes dunking,
sometimes bobbing,
but always looking up
at her,
as she leads them
by the hand,
balancing those pots
filled with love....


  1. It is wonderful how you have conveyed the wisdom and 'mamta' of motherhood in these simple, soothing lyrics.

  2. very sweet..

    it just flows...

  3. Lovely blog!! wonderful poems!!