Sunday, August 16, 2009

The lights of your life

In response to a wondrous and perceptive post about body,soul, permanence and sense of self.....

Little broken pieces,
Shards of prisms,
lying ,
Refracting sunrays
to create
several rainbows ;

The shards
are the scars,
red in anger,
the skin betrayals,
the healing tissues,
the little pain
at the lip edge
as you smile,
the deepening wrinkles,
Crows eyes as you age
you learn to
"twinkle" back
at what life
has dealt you;

No glue works,
but eternal faith
in Him,
who patches the pieces,
sometimes of Body,
sometimes of Soul.

Puts them all together,
and you are
wholesome inside.
Your soul,
a prism,
coming together
to show you,
more rainbows in your life.........


  1. You give a beautiful and new view to everything....

  2. I do so agree with Braja, you do indeed give a beautiful and new view to and of everything!



  3. Plucking words from nowhere, you weave a carpet. A magic carpet that lets you float.

    Much like the tale and folklore. And in a strange way soothes the spirit and the soul.

  4. Braja,Sylvia,Kavi

    Thank you. The entire blog has been triggered by some very inspirational posts that I have read. Both spiritual amd earthly stuff. And I cant explain why I respond in verse. It just happens.

    (Must be all that neuroplasticity in the brain. Hmm.:-) ....)

  5. loved ur poem...especially the last para really touched :)