Sunday, September 6, 2009

Practically Spiritual of Spiritually Practical ?

Content with the spiritual in the daily and routine. On reading this by Braja.

Freshly cleaned puja lamps,
Whiff of burning ghee,
Champas and jasmines
filling the basket
as she sits,
her tresses adorned
with the saree pallu;
For puja
in a world she thinks
is godly celestial.
A ear tuned to the cry
of a little one
searching for his mother...
She pauses mid puja
as she sees him crawl in
and break
into a toothless smile;
Into her lap,
with a cry
climbs her Krishna,
Her other hand,
holds the aarti.
Praising Him,
amidst his gurgles,
for this real Puja
Of her life.....

1 comment:

  1. And which Puja and which Krishna are more important? Maybe their relative importance changes at different stages of our lives- or maybe the degree of our involvement changes.

    This has become a rambling comment.:)