Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A tree's Karma

In response and contemplation of a post on " Karma" by Braja....

You, a tree,
you choose
how you grow;
Puffed with foliage,
firmly ensconced
in soil you claim
as your own,
waiting for the
perfect nurtured fruit***.....

Or spreading
a sheltering branch,
bending to offer
sweet fruit
to the weary man,
Rejoicing as the monkey
shakes you up,
amidst a shower
of flowers,
descending into the hair
of a delighted maid;
Maybe sometimes,
the crook of your branch
a home for someone
fighting a flood
of misfortune.....

And as a grandtree,
of the thickened trunk
and grandkids swinging on
your hanging roots,
look back,
taking a breather
your happy busy life,
and wonder,
Karma ?
What was all that about ?

***कर्मन्येवाधीका रस्ते मा फलेशू कदाचन


  1. Once again I have to say your words give life to something that was previously just some thoughts....

  2. I second every world of what Braja says !

    There is life infusement !


  3. Oh, yes, Ugich, add me to the list as well! Beautiful words that do give life to so much!


  4. I made it my Diamond post in my sidebar... :)

  5. Kavi, Sylvia Thank you.

    Braja It tickles me no end to see worldwide folks clicking on your diamond to read about my Tree. ...Thank you. I guess Ganpati Bappa is looking out for me somewhere !
    Thank you, and I truly appreciate this.

  6. Wow, now that was very enjoyable! This was diamond quality. Very nice!

  7. really, these beautiful lines took my mind to the former births,if such things actually exist.

  8. That was beautiful poetry. The picture with the markups melded nicely with it. Good job.

  9. I enjoyed the photo and the words!