Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Castle building

and look ahead in life....

build castles
in the air
and bend
the way the wind blows.

Some build castles
on the beach,
with grubby fingers,
and sand in your hair,
patting into place
a wall here
a tunnel there
a flag on a turret
decorated with shells
painstakingly collected,
and a moat
all around
to fool the
sudden wave that
that ventures there....

But the best ones
are those
built in the mind,
by you,
for someone,
who has
never seen
a beach,
never tasted
the salty zing
in the spray
of opportunity,
in a lopsided world.

And should
the last be your choice,
I'll be honored
to help
with the scaffolding.....

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