Monday, December 7, 2009

Life Marathon

Its all in the running,
and not,
in the reaching.

Some tog up,
top to toe,
a hairband,
to keep out
non existent hair,
a smart something,
on a piece
of embossed acrylic
their charity
above the heart.

Singleminded steps,

climbing up and down,
water drunk on the go,
flung by the wayside,
waving at friends
at the Trident,
as they turn along the sea.

And some,
run ,
a bit late to start,
rushing in from
the train station.
There were
parents to help,
children to dress,
old socks to search,
messages to give
dependent on you;

They never got around
to buying
those tracks;
last years should do.....

And so they run the
Marathon of life,
the charity,
not emblazoned,
but nestled
in the heart,
a kid
waving from the sidelines,
a father,
watching them on TV,
as the mother
brings him the medicines.
They smile at the
helping others,
to run,
and walk.

The place at the top
is a lonely one.
And its so much
more fun,
crowding there....

Because everyone
stands, holding on
to the other,
and each one
in the win
of the

Like I said,
Its all in the running,
and not,
in the reaching.

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