Thursday, January 28, 2010

The benevolent tree

(photo by Sylvia Kirkwood)

Lush amidst the offsprings
and neighbors,
Grandma Green,
stretches out her limbs
to relax.

Its been a good life,
living amidst
her kind,
being the tallest,
and looking across
everyone's head
to the Bay.

Some of the
younger ones,
stand ramrod straight
as assorted
leafy stragglers
climb all over....

The older ones,
managing some
sagging branches
look and nod

Some balding ones,
some Christmas trees,
and some new ones
trying to fit in,
and she,
wrinkled but strong
spreads out her arms,
encompassing them all,
takes a breezy breath,
looks up,
and glances
across the Bay
as if to say
"Oh ! what a wonderful world!".........


  1. Perfect! My photos mean even more to me when I read your beautiful words and sometimes I see things in them that I didn't see before. I love sharing them in this way, too! Have a great weekend!


  2. So lovely, the poetry.
    Just as sweet, the music.

    What and who is it?

  3. Sylvia Thank you. I am greatly honored by your words...

    Troutay Thank you. The music is a mixture of Indian film songs and some classical Indian music on flute. The first and last songs are by our legends of India cinema. The middle one is a flute recital by Pandit Hari Prasad Chairasiya, another legend, on flute...

  4. I am sorry I keep coming back to listen to the song, the first one.

    My son is studying in London.
    I miss him.

  5. troutay On my other prose blog Gappa , listen to the 2nd selection in the playlist way down in the sidebar. A song called "Chotisi Asha". You might enjoy that too ....

  6. as the flowers are fresh in the garden
    i also want to be today so fresh.
    i will pull the (chunari) of the clouds.
    i will just dance by becoming crazy
    i will tie the whole world in my pony

    thank you ji