Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In High Places.......

Ghatkopar is one of suburban Mumbai's busiest railway stations. In an outstanding display of how national resources are shared on a rainy day , two hitherto urban cows, venture up on the overbridge to experience how it feels to come up in the world.

Photo by Harish Krishnan of Blogadda on his daily commute.

trailing with parents,
dragged to school
across the
Ghatkopar railway
on a windy, rainy
actually wonderful day.

This mother,
missing her childhood
greens and rivers,
shows the kid
the fun
of looking at
a bovine image
in a
rain puddle
on the bridge....

She hears
an announcement
the PA system,
and rubs the
Calf's forehead
the Go-"shala" ****
at Ghatkopar East
has declared a holiday today .....

****Goshala : shelter and residence for cows
"shala" : Marathi for "school"

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