Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Felling a giant

Harekrishnaji posts wonderful landscapes and travelogue pictures on his very informative blog ,UNKE DUSHMAN HAI BAHUT AADMI AACHA HOGA,which has an English-spelled Marathi title , but is a Marathi blog.

This from his recent post .

My comments, as before, first in the King's language, Marathi, and then a translation, in the Queen's English......

(photo by harekrishnaji)
कधी उभे होते
ताठ कण्याने,
बरोबरच्या लहान सहान
वृक्ष वेलींमध्ये फांद्या गुंतवून;
पानात रमणारे पक्षी,
घर समजून मस्ती करणारी माकडे ;
मुळाशी कधी
फुरंगटून बसलेले मशरूम ,
कधी विसावा घेत आजोबा.

आज शहरातील माकडे
इथे बुलडोझर घेउन,
घर, नव्हे फार्म हौस
बांधतो म्हणतात .....
कणा अजून ताठ आहे
पण वादळे निभावून नेणारा हा ,
पैशाचा पाउस सहन करू शकला नाही ......

always stood
ramrod straight
in spirit,
concerned and involved
in the affairs
of branches
and wandering stems;
toward the
birds who nested.
and monkeys
that thought of it
as "home".

Not to forget
blooming mushrooms
crowding at its roots,
along with, sometimes,
a tired grandfather,
napping ,
in peace....

Some Simian townies
had come
with a bulldozer,
claiming to
"farm houses".....

The spine
still holds
ramrod straight
but lies
on the ground;

For someone
faced innumerable
storms in life,
it was difficult
to counter
this immense
raining in
of money.



  1. Beautiful poem. The tree reminds me of several that were cut down to make room for my home in the woods. Now I feel sad about cutting them down...

  2. ह्याला जिवन ऐसे नाव, जे आज आहे ते उद्या नाही.