Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thoughts at the top....

Another great photo from NU, ellicited this comment on her blog in Marathi, hereafter called the King's language :-) .....The translation in the Queen's language, follows ...

(photo bt Nupur Phatak)
मावळातील रणरणती दुपार,
आयुष्याच्या संध्याकाळी ,
क्षणभर ती विसावते ,
थोडीशी पाठ सरळ करून
पदराने तोंड पुसून मानेवरचा घाम टिपते ;
दगडावर बसू का ? का उभीच राहू ?
आपण चालत राहिलो , तर आयुष्य बदलतं,
पुढे जात राहिलं पाहिजे …..
आठवते हिरवाई, धुंद पावसाळा,
वाऱ्याचे लपंडाव, उडवलेले पाणी ,
आठवणींचा शिडकावा सुखावून जातो
ती पुन्हा वाकते
काठी टेकते ,
ह्या कोरड्या आयुष्यात
फक्त तिच्या डोळ्यात असते

A summer afternoon,
the Maval plains,
the old lady,
in the evening
of her life,
stops and straightens.
just a bit,
wiping the sweat
of the years
from her brow
with an edge of her old saree....

sit a while
on the rocks,
or should I stand
and keep going ?

Life progresses
as she moves ahead,
immersed in the
cool thoughts
green over the years,
wild monsoon rains,
truant winds,
and the cool spray
young memories
gladdens her
tired mind....

Stick in hand,
she gets up and continues.

In her dry life today,
the only water
there is,
in her eyes....

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