Friday, December 13, 2013

Pink and Perfect

My friend Bhagyashree Moghe of Pune has green fingers, and lives surrounded by amazing blossoms. She recently posted this photo on FB, and very clearly, there was a message in the visual.

A message about how each one has their own day in the sun.   And how no one is worried about tanning and turning dark.  In fact you get lighter in the sun.  And how the younger darker sibling remains sensibly enveloped in the caring family greens, growing up, awaiting its own day in the Sun.

No nonsense of fair, dark. No complexes.  Just all beautiful , wherever they are.

(photo by Bhagyashree Moghe)
A protected bringing up
amidst expansive green concerns
redolent with

cool waters,
good nutritious food,
and great supporting
and straight folks
helping you face
daily grind.

And to each one
a day in the Sun.

Unlike us,
those in the Sun
get lighter,
while the darker one
sits enveloped safely
amidst the trusted greens
in the shade
confident in its own skin,
mobilizing to face life.

We of the Fair and Lovely hangup,
are simply blind.


  1. Such beautiful, colorful flowers that look so good to me at this time of year here in the States!! And beautiful words to match, as always! Thank you, as always, for the beauty. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  2. Thanks for immortalizing, YET AGAIN- Poetry is just sitting right there inside you waiting to come out! Amazing-- Jyoti tells us you were like this in IIT too!

    1. I've been like this since school :-) (I wasnt with Jyoti /Shubha at IIT, only till FC) But yes, your garden is so wonderful, it simply inspires .....