Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Kakdi Ballad

There are some blogger friends like Dhiren Shah , who love to tell stories through their food photographs.
Like this breakfast, of butterless grilled cucumber tomato sandwiches (with chilly sauce) , and the designer almonds, clearly clicked before he devoured it all.
And then again, its all about the message of the traumatised cucumber , Kakdi Ben, as she relentlessly wages war, al a Kejriwal, on behalf of the Aam junta veggies. 
ककड़ी बेन का आक्रोश।

कभी तो

हम मक्खन के फेशल करते थे,
टमाटरबी के साथ लड़कीवाली गपशप करते थे। ।

काश , ये कैसे दिन आये ,
एक धीरेन हमें
बिना फेशल या मेकअप
ऐसेही मिर्चीगुंडों के साथ
ब्रेड कि जैल में बंद करता है ,
फिर ज्यादा गपशप ना करे
इस लिए अलग अलग काटता है ,
और ऐसेही
कुछ भाव खानेवाले
उपरतक हाँथ पहुंचनेवाले बादामके साथ
बिठाता है.

ओय कोंग्रेसी बादाम ,
अब आम ककड़ी टोमेटो जाग उठे है ,
हमें मख्हन कि मेहेंगाई नहीं चलेगी ,
बादाम वाले , अभी सुन लो,
खुद कुछ न करके,
पोज़ में खड़े रहने में कुछ होशियरी नहीं है।
यह देश के रंग सॅंडविच में रहते है
 There was a time
when we did
soft butter facials,
gossiping simultaneously
with Tomato Bi.

What has the world come to,
when any Dhiren
can stuff us,
without any makeup
into a breaded jail
along with some Jalapeno crooks,
and even cut us up,
to stop us
from talking with each other;
and all the while,
the so called hi-fi almonds
strike poses and smirk
right next to us .....

Hear Ye!
Oye ruling Almonds,
the tomato cucumber masses
have awakened ,
and the Aam veggie party
will agitate
and vegitate against
the butter inflation.

posing and gesturing
a la Almonds,
will take you nowhere;
the sandwich proudly bears
the colors of the flag .....


  1. I forgot to mention it was Brown Bread! :P :P

    Your way of looking at things is simply superb and out of the box and I will re-iterate I am a FAN! :D

    1. I did notice the bread ! I guess, with no butter in the box, I have to be Out Of The Box na ?