Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Payasamic Salute

Sometimes, Payasam is lucky for you .

The Courtyard by Marriot Mumbai Airport, announced a short contest, asking "If Republic Day was a dish, what would it be and why" and asked folks to write in.

I wrote in my entry, in the form of a poem, reproduced below.

The result was heart warming, to say the least. Gut-warming to say the most.

The Marriot folks thought i deserved to win, and awarded a voucher for a Republic Day brunch for two, which was duly enjoyed by yours truly , with the daughter, who also took photographs.

To see all the details, check out " A Different Parade"

A Payasamic Constitution,
An all encompassing richness
Of a creamy white mind,

Adorned by strands of saffron,
So fragrantly special;
Waving to the delicious green
Fields of pistachios strewn around;
And they nudge each other,
as they sight the bowl,
And pour their hearts into it,
Celebrating with a
"Jai Ho ! Bharatmata ki jai ho ! ".....

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