Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cornering Thoughts......

Mumbai' blogger Dog Bozo, now back after a short hiatus. The city weather now is a great combination of cool mornings and hot days, and he makes the most of it.

For a while , he worried because a certain wild two wheeler seemed to be monopolizing Magiceye, traipsing all over the peninsula with him.  But the time was well spent by him, ruminating on life, and this is what settles it all .....

It must be
such a boring life
to sit endlessly
amidst diesel fragrances
and hefty four wheelers,
and then
act all thrilled
because someone
spent so many days
travelling south
exclusively with you.

Me ?
I am more balanced .

It is all about
going for leisurely walks
with different folks,
coming back
to fragrances
from a kitchen,
licking up happiness,
listening to music
and then
settling down
to a dream nap
in different places,
where I am amongst
family and friends.

Now that summer beckons,
Cool na ?

I hope the Desert Storme
is listening.

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