Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kabhi Lucinda , Kabhi Luci.....

Tired of seeing the same old photos of the same old politicians and leaders ? That is probably why, so many have taken to and specialized in photographing nature and pets.

Two canine stars, Bozo Amembal of Mumbai and Luci Shail of Thiruvanantapuram have blogs and reams of e-space dedicated to them, their adventures and moods.  While Bozo is older and worldly wise, Luci is a teenager,  with all the teenage angst and attitude.   She would probably qualify one day, with her regal bearing and attitude,  as a show stopper, at the National Canine Fashion Week

My blog friend Shail Mohan, who chronicles the Life and Times of Luci, in all her avatars,  clicked this, in between attending to birds, flowers, raindrops, skies, and protecting her spectacles and stoles from being chewed up by Luci......

(photograph by Shail Mohan)
And then
sometimes she has
her HRH Lucinda days.

Sedate actions,
respectful behaviour,
very aware of herself,
and her exalted status;
showing her best profile,
eyes slightly downcast,
hands at the chin
in a Nehruvian statesman pose.

Teenage is tough.

And you cant forget
that you are Luci.

You need to run everywhere,
chase every butterfly,
steal every stole,
bark at every bird,
but there is an awareness
there are hidden admirers,
and someone is watching.

This is closest
she can get
to doing a selfie,
ever since she tried to wear
the chewed spectacles...


  1. This is one of your best ones on Luci, Suranga. I am thinking of chronicling all your verses on her :)

  2. waah waah!! An apt poem to bring out the wonderful personality of humari rani, Luci!!