Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Floors, foods and thoughts...

My friend Slogan Murugan aka M. S. Gopal, has a wonderful blog called Mumbai Paused, where he posts some  amazing captures of life in Mumbai , and each of these has a story to tell .   

Do have a look .  You will be amazed at what you find in your backyard.

He recently posted a lovely capture of little girls on Sant Savata mali Road (Victoria Rd)  playing what we used to call Bhatukli or House-House in our primary school days.  An imaginary cooking of imaginary items, using very down to earth actual kitchen stuff.   

And then another capture, so many floors up and away, where even the imagination is store bought . 

Slogan Murugan does the photos, and sometimes poems happen here. One such ....

There is
Thought for Food.

A foraging of intentions,
a collection
of rehabilitated stones
performing to perfection
wild in imagination
as they make a meal
fit for the
ones they love
nurtured so well
by hands
trying to imitate
Mother Earth.

And then
there is
a hungry mind
expertly fooled
into filling itself
by sights, sounds,
and the needs of
the New World,
unlike anything around.

Food for Thought.

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