Monday, February 15, 2016

Fake Posers, Kharis, and Life.....

Khari,  the flaky , crumble-and-melt-in-the-mouth-while-awaiting-the-tea-onslaught biscuits, for some,  are nostalgia , and all about having tea at chai tapris , with a plateful of these sourced from a big glass bottle. Some even enjoy it for breakfast...

My friend , Nutsure Satwik,  probably posted this photo, in between , crackles of these interspersed with sips of amrut-tulya tea.... 

Growing up in a house where maida was persona-non-grata,  and we had an electrified stone grinder (जातं ) , long before it became a commercial product,  there was a certain sense of earthiness in what one ate then, whole wheat, veggies and home made butter/ghee (in controlled quantities) , dal khichadi with veggies and poha papad , for breakfast and so on .

And so Khaaris , do not inspire a longing in me.  

They inspire poetry .  :-)

Such a refined life.

A wheaty parentage,
of the roti-phulka brigade,
but these are a class apart,
obsessed and hi fi ,
sifting out
the hoi polloi earthy browns
and the wheat germ types.

They are like that only.

A craze for Fair and Lovely,
thin translucent skins,
slathered with
face washes of tumultous ghee,
and folded over and over
in an effort
at not leaving anything out
in a effort
to impress.

A societal "coming out" party,
a blooming
in a hot oven,
and a pose
displaying the layers and innards
stiff with fashion.

And a Paratha,
rich with
onion, mint and mooli kids,
smoulders in a plate
next to the dahi
and pickle,
and says,
"When will these
powerful refined folks learn,
that life isn't about
sitting safe and uncrushed
in a bottle,
with special security,
pretending to slum it
with cutting chais in tapris;
but about honestly mixing
other green children of the earth
and creating
a new useful day
with them,
on the Tawa of your Life ...."

As the alu said to the dahi,
"It is all
about convenience and show;
Did you see
how they used me for votes
with Samosabhai in Bihar ?"

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