Monday, February 22, 2016

Matching, matching !

If you think idlis and beauty have nothing to do with each other , think again.

If you think idlis are just about beauty and have no social conscience , think again .

My friend Deepak Amembal, simply restrained himself from immediately digging into this amazing breakfast, till he clicked this photo and posted it.

I just got full seeing it, had my cup of chai, and wrote this poem.  :-)

Being beautiful
is not about being
Fair and lovely,
or stubbornly puffing up
in fermented anger
in a steaming world.

It is about
that the surrounding saambaar
with its participating
colorful veggies
golden onions,
conservative stiff kadhipattas,
and hidden tangy imli
makes you and your life
even more beautiful.

And humoring
a young chutney,
that thinks
it adds to the beauty,
and insists on joining up,
"Matching , matching ?"

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