Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ants, Buffets and Humans

My friend, Nutsure Satwik, a doctor, recently clicked and posted this amazing photograph of a plant overrun by termites, and an ant delightedly rummaging around, enjoying the unexpected feast , an unlimited buffet.

While none of us would even go near such a plant out of sheer disgust, and fear of inadvertantly spreading the infestation/infection,   it is understandable that a person concerned with health afflictions of humans, might notice  the same in plants, go near it to investigate, and be surprised by the ant.

Clicking a predator ant, trying to make the most of someone else's misfortune , shouldn't surprise us.

We do it all the time ...

In the Ages
of Riots, Looting
and Feasting ,
Intellectually and Physically
on the Fallen,
this one
is doing nothing different.

Thoughtlessly hyperactive
thanks to all that
sugar imbibed
as a habit,
its peripheral neuropathy
blinds it to the termite dirt.

Carried over
to another plant
and the evil spreads.

Why crib and blame the ant ?

That's how things
spread in our biped society too.....

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