Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Whistler Decides.....

My friend Nutsure Satwik  must be living in a birders paradise, given the wonderful bird photos that he often posts.  This one, of the Whistling Thrush,  otherwise known to scientific types as as Myophonus Caeruleus.

These birds are known for their human like whistling sounds  at dawn and dusk, and they are found in the Himalayas, the subcontinent,  as well as South East Asia.

While one may gather other details from Wikipedia,  what intrigued me was the expression on the face of the bird.   An expression of wondering about things around it, worry, and a determination to do something , given some new laws passed by our powers-that-be allowing establishments to be open 24 x 7. 

What ?  Read on ...
Myophonus Caeruleus,
habituated to whistling
before light at dawn
after light at dusk,
much after a
a smashed escargot meal
studded with earthworms.

Times have changed
and it wonders
how it will now sense
dusk and dawn,
now that
everything will work,
bright lights on,
24 x 7,
as per our new laws.

Never mind.

Deep thinking
and shocked observations,
has led to the decision
of becoming
a full time whistle blower. ?

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