Saturday, November 19, 2016

HRH Lady Bhat

People are always posting what may be called "smart answers" on facebook. One such that was posted by a friend , which intrigued me, was as below .

"Dont let anyone treat you like Upma, You are a Biryani .!"

I know Upmas, and certainly, Biryani.  One is a very conservative preparation of Cream of Wheat/Rice (Rawa), not usually  spicy, but  very delicious and nutritious .  The other , Biryani, can range from one which is very finely flavoured with spices , to something with spices that shine through the rice, overpowering the veggies contained in the preparation.

Very clearly, calling people Upma and Biryani , raises many questions.  One claims a connection with the South (of India) , and the other , an affiliation to the North (of India) ,  although Hyderabad in the South does stand out as a Biryani loyalist.

This calls for a lesson in Rice.  Unadorned Rice, called Bhat, and its personality . Observed across families, across meals, particularly in Central India, and Maharashtra.  

As for allowing anyone to call you names,  you should be honored to be called just Bhat..... 

Lady Bhaat,
Supreme Commander of Biryanees,
Protector of the Realm of Meals,
Countess of Pressure-Cookers,
Consort of Risottos,
Princess of Taats,
Defender of Pulavs,
Colonel-in-Chief of The Metkut Guards,
is actually a simple soul.
She mixes when she has to,
with heavy spicy subjects,
and vegetables
like, at the Masala Garden Parties,
as she alternates
meeting with simple and masala types.

plays second fiddle to
the Dowager Milk Queen-Mother,
Commander of the Order of Kheer,
but always insists on
Almond and Pista ladies-in-waiting.

But she really comes into her own,
when faced
with a golden pouring ghee,
a spray of lemon and salt,
and the arrival of Lord Waran,
with his pickles-in-waiting.

also when Deep in confabulation
with a cool Dahi ,
aided by
a sizzling show of strength
bu Mustard kadhipatta types.

Occasionally ,
as is her wont,
trying to be democratic,
and mixing with her sweet
saffron, coconut, sugar and jaggery subjects
on special royal occasions.

They say her children,
Prince Biryani and Prince Upma
next in Line ,
may rule
when she abdicates.

But they probably don't know that
A Bhat, an Ambemohore to boot,
simply never abdicates....

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