Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brides of the Sky

Photo by Kavi Arasu, from his album, "Sunny Moods"
on Facebook

Eartha Bai,
to the nines
in a
bottle green salwar,
greyblue kurta,
and a
gold ,pink, and yellow
carelessly thrown
across the shoulders.

The gold ornament
adorns her neck,
for the world to see.

You see,
for Brides of the Sky,
the entrances
and exits
are what
are celebrated,
on the horizon,
by the East
and the
West .......


  1. Stunning...the description of her outfit, so beautifully done...

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  3. The photo gets so much meaning and matter from this !

    Glad you left a comment on the FB page ! It just added so much to the image. some kind of a dance between what was seen and what was heard !

    Lovely. As usual !