Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pithla Bhakri by moonlight

The Setting Sun at Mt Abu...

(photo by Nupur Phatak )

The Sun
sniffing a bit
through the
so fashionable
in the atmosphere;
a last look at
the still trees,
the dusty kachcha** road,
and a jeep
rushing home,
rough shod over
hilly terrain.

She looks out
amidst the
jai -jui ***
languid over the doorway.
a flavourful aroma
wafts in
from the
on the
wood fired stove.

She rushes back
to sizzle a
tawyavarcha pithla****
as she measures
the bhakri***** flour.
a fist crushed onion,
a teasing green mirchi,******
and the
sound of brakes
at the door….

Dinner for two
by the light
of the waking Moon,
and the Sun
and retires
in jealousy,
to try
the next morning,
once again,
“Ayushya he asach asta…..”…..*******

** Kachcha : not tarred, mud road

*** Jai Jui : fragrant white flowers that grow as creepers on bowers

**** Pithla : spicy garbanzo flour concoction etaen fresh of the gridle (tawa)

*****Bhakri : maize tortilla

****** Mirchi : jalapeno pepper

********Ayushya he asach asta… : marathi for "life's like that..."


  1. Marvelous words as always, my friend! Hope you are enjoying a lovely evening!


  2. wonderful...The true test of a poet is to integrate Indianness into an English have done a great job!...loved it