Sunday, April 18, 2010

In praise of bovine marathons....

Childhood memories of hot summer vacation afternoons, rhythmic bovine bells, and sweet sugarcane juice.

(photo by Kavi Arasu, clicked between Shirdi and Aurangabad)

No basic,
No DA,
No arrid earth allowance,
Just a thump on the back,
an occasional
good rubbing down
on the banks of
a river;
and a job profile
that says
round and round you go.

Head down,
nodding some,
tail flicking,
to the
sounds of the bells
that adorn the neck,
along with
wooden responsibility...

A snort,
a look,
some chewing of the cud,
and he goes faster,
a sweat here,
a sugarcane juice there,
for a marathoner
on a thanksgiving trip.

Like his old Boss,
the God
with the Flute,
told someone,
"Continue to
do your stuff,
round and round,
without worrying about
appraisals and fruits;
Thats the best work ethic,
and you win."

He looks up.
The couple's faces
wreathed in smiles,
the nectar,
this magical moving
in circles....

He has won his own.....

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