Thursday, April 1, 2010

Numberwala Wednesday

Some bloggers like to post wonderful photos as part of the "Wordless Wednesdays" , when they take a break from writing prose. Some of these photos have often inspired verse. One such .

(photo by Neha Silam)

"Abhi na jao chhod kar,
Yeh metre abhi bhara nahi..." ****
She stepped off
the ricksha,
eyes on the metre,
a foot on the ground;
his hand
on the accelerator,
revving up,
to convert
the 0 to 1....

Eyes wide,
she points ,
to the changing numbers,
a stationary ricksha...
" Madam, tees rupya,
sab barabar hai,
haat mat lagaiye...."
Aaj to Numberwala Wednesday hai !"******

****This is a play on the words of an old hit Bollywood song, that said, "Dont leave me just now, my heart is not full yet !: Only here it says the metre isnt full yet!(in Hindi)

****** Hindi for : "It will be 30 Rupees Ma'am, everything is OK, please dont touch . Today is the "number Wednesday"...."

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