Friday, April 1, 2011

Mind Clicks in the time of Cricket....

Lakshmi Sharath, a blog friend and well known travel writer and photographer, took this picture of a Bangalore sunset, while the rest of us were balancing ourselves on tenterhooks, on the 30th of March, during the India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup Semifinals.

What's the connection ? Well, something just clicked in the mind....

Nehra's inclusion in the team was earlier widely condemned by pundits as well as general public.

Pakistan Captain Afridi was batting and Nehra appeared to take a low catch. With an entire nation wishing on the catch, he could have, in a game where loud false appeals have sometimes worked, erupted in a celebratory gesture.

Nehra gets up, sends the ball back. No wicket.

It had touched the ground earlier.

The honesty , also touched our hearts.

(You don't have to be a cricket pundit for that, just an ordinary citizen, appreciating simple things in a hugely hyped game)

(photograph by Lakshmi Sharath)
stand behind him,
strong in numbers,
but light in intent

Some blatantly,
dash out,
black and menacing
in words,
and mentally
crowd him
on his arrival.

A dedicated
hard working Sun
always shines for us.

The true Sun
or is it,
is one
the opportunity
to fudge duty
behind a cloud,
to be honest.....

He climbs,
bit by bit,
the Zenith
for Nehra.

(in praise of Nehra's sunny honesty regarding the low catch ...)


  1. Sachin is another one who is very honest, he leaves when he knows he is out and stays only when he is sure he is not out.

    I was totally in favour of Nehra remaining in the team, thanks to my husband's running commentary at home.

  2. YEs this is what i dont like one bad game and the whole country was against him and now suddenly he was the best .. I dont like it at all.. HE did so well

    and the honesty as you say shows .. first Sachin did it and now him .. Hats off to him.. Pity he wont play the finals cause he broke his finger while taking that catch tooo ...

    All the best to the indian team

    lovely poem

  3. Woww!Brilliant! Kudos to him for being so honest :)