Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sculpture lessons

My friend UmaS posted this as part of her Wordless Wednesday series. I've often felt that in addition to staying wordless, we need to keep our minds and ears open for some conveyed messages.

Those conversant with the flavor of politics today, in India, might understand.

(wood carving on the door panel in the entrance to a typical Chettinad style house. Picture clicked by UmaS at Dakshina Chitra – a place that showcases the culture and architectures of South India.)

We never learn from
the lessons
of the aeons.

Giving of oneself,
one’s crown
as a footrest
for the deity,
supported by
upraised hands;
a happy mix
heralding elephants,
supporting courtiers,
who in turn
hold up the
muscular beauty
of the horses.

And the folks
on each side
doing their bit
to hold up
the ceiling
with hand held
of unstinted support.

And here we are,
always supporting
in exchange
for something undeserved;
withdrawing support
at will
for personal gain,
talking from
the side
of the mouth,
while publicly smiling,
creating media to defame
simple men….

No wonder
we often feel
the roof is coming down on us….

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