Monday, April 25, 2011

A Slushy Confinement

The Sewri Mangrove Park consists of 15 acres of mangroves between Sewri and Trombay on Mumbai's eastern seaboard. It is declared protected by law, and thanks to great efforts by the Mumbai Port trust and The Bombay Natural History Society, Flamingoes returned after 40 years, to these mangroves , in 1994.

Flamingoes fly in from Gujarat sometime in November, and stay here till the beginning of the monsoon, which is June. They lay eggs in this marshy wetland, because it is an ideal gestation place, where no predators like jackals , humans etc wander. Unfortunately, flamingo poaching happens.

In the meanwhile, blogger friend Magiceye, has been there and here is a fantastic capture from his Camera Critters series.

(photo by deepakamembal)
Unlike us,
she isnt obsessed
at looking at her
in the wet,
self applauding.

A graceful yoga
of a sinuous neck,
and a scoopy beak,
to ensure
the safety
of Generation Next,
preparing to hatch
in the mangrovy slush....

the slush
at the Sewri mudflats
Lady Flamingo
has learned
to find
a place for the eggs,
well entrenched,
where no predators venture......

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  1. I love it as always! Wonderful words for a wonderful capture! Deepak does get some great shots, doesn't he? Hope your week is off to a good start and have a lovely evening!