Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bozoical Hmmmmm..!

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog is convinced that the Lord works in amazing ways to teach us.

He has had his reservations about certain chocolate colored proud twowheelers that have smitten the boss.   He is getting a bit worried that other folks are getting smitten too.  But then something happened on one of the chocolate lady's trips.  The Boss had his camera stolen.  Shock and Despair.

Never mind. There is a new camera now.  And Bozo , gave a special pose for it. He is not saying anything, but you can see it in his eyes......

You know,
by nature,
I am a very careful ,
guarded chap.

I have my eye on things,
even when I am
having skirmishes with birds
in the balcony,
in the rear seat of the car
on the odd occasions
that I travel.

I also don't like some things I see.

Like this new fussy
chocolate colored two wheeler
that has Deepak smitten.

I mean you can create speed,
but you cannot
create space,
when two folks
are going to travel
for 5 days.

And so ,
although the chocolate lady
will not admit to it,
the camera disappeared
due to the
absence of a locked boot,
something that
doesn't fit ,
into the beauty features
of the chocolate lady.

I sympathize.
So does another very kind lady
who presented Deepak
with a new Canon.

I just gave my
"I told you so" pose,
and Deepak clicked.

I guess I am lucky for Deepak.

one of the balcony crows
that the chocolate lady
was seen shedding oil tears
in the garage ....

Just saying ...


  1. The crow lied! No oil tears!! :)

    1. Sigh. And I always thought the crow is able to see things that we cannot ......:-)

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Bozo rocks! In btw, Deepak, I do love how you handled the whole episode and yes, Bozo is lucky for you--that is one great pose he gave you!

  3. Oh Deepak, torn between two loves, are you? And Bozo knows all, doesn't he?

    1. Zephyr, Bozo clearly has more followers on the Web compared to the chocolaty two wheeler....just saying...

  4. Ugich Konitari, Very accurate assessment of the situation assuming that you have neither met Bozo nor seen the crow or the purring SandStorm....... from Ugich Kahitari.

    1. Your assumption is spot on :-) And the Purr is misleading. Actually the bark is better :-) :-)