Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bovine Solutions........

My friend Bhavesh Chhatbar  has posted some amazing captures of the Grazing Indian Buffalo on his blog .

Sometimes , I think, not only do the buffaloes graze, but they also gaze. At us. In disgust.  At how terrible our species can be. 

Given the recent events in Delhi,  one can only agree.

I chew the cud
and ruminate,
on the
new two legged animals
that seemed to

have joined the jungle.

I resist ,
with great difficulty,
the urge
to gore them with my horns,
and thrash
and kick them.

Should the two-legged law
not work,
The Law of the Jungle
will prevail.


  1. Very wonderful as always... brilliantly connected with the current tragedy. The Buffalo must be thinking, "Why do they call humans as intelligent beings when we are much better than those cruel creatures?"
    Lovely photography Bhavesh Chhatbar!

  2. Very clear photograph, Bhavesh Chhatbar! The chewing of the cud is so visible!

    Even she will laugh at us humans! We have gone below you say, Suranga! Very apt words, as usual!

  3. Many of us are calling it an animal act and I wonder what the animals must have been thinking. :-/