Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Silly Grin....

My FB and blogger friend Sangeeta Khanna,  fresh from the rigours of house whitewash, used some left over whole wheat pizza dough, added some yummy homemade pizza sauce, and baked , what she calls a rustic bread .

She posted a picture here on FB :

Naturally, I saw something else there..... and a poem happened.

at keeping
her blooming temper
was really puffed up in anger.

A whole afternoon on sitting
all sticky
covered with
a thin cloth
fermenting in frustration.

First they poked,
then the punched,
and then
slapped her around on a tray
with so many freeloaders
like onion, tomatoes,
and those upstarts,
the mushrooms,
clamouring for cheese.

The planets had changed.
for one thing,
the walls looked whiter and brighter !

This time,
she was gently patted down,
she almost got drunk
on some chunky pizza sauce
drizzled over her.
"Dont worry" said the lady,
gathered her together
in a little
open box.

there was something about the sauce
and she simply
puffed up
this time in pleasure,
a silly grin on her face.....

Some hot time
in a comfy oven,
and she was ready to face the world.

Those black things ?
Just some left over kala tikkas !


  1. ha ha..I am hearing that. The walls look whiter and brighter :-)
    Those kala tikkas are spots where the cheese melted and dripped from the pizzas baked before this bread, turned black in the second inning of baking.
    You are just wonderful in imagining things and taking them at a different level. Thank you once again.