Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bozoical Premier League

Clearly, Bozo , Mumbai's blogging Dog, has been watching television. And all the shameful revelations  about the IPL cricket. 

Naturally,  when he was invited to participate in the Bozoical Premier League ( they don't buy and sell players, they invite  chaps with honor),  he checked out everything beforehand.

Currently, one of the top scorers , Bozo was asked the secret of his success.  No Boost, No Fair and Lovely,  just Upma and Dosas, and most important, no colored uniforms with names of moneyed people printed on them.

Like Bozo said, "Our sponsors in the stands,  don't leap with joy, but we do !"

Bozoical Premier League

Special Chhota ball,

Kicking and fielding
by the same dog,
growling at team members,
no cheer leaders,
and unlimited leaping allowed.

No goalposts,
just fun,
upma and dosa breaks,
shaking under sprinklers,
in case of grounds,
and pacing in balconies

No auctions,
no buying,
no selling,
no crores,
no fixing,
no towels,
no srini,
no BCCI,
just a post match snuggle
near the sofa.....

Playing in Bandra !

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