Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh, what an earthly Ghol !

There is only one person I know, who can write brilliantly on things like "ghol" known in the western world as purslane.

Known to us  proletarian folks as an edible green, that grows at will, and that brings seven stars to an ordinary dal preparation, my friend Shruti Nargundkar of Melbourne writes about Gholachi Bhaaji /Varan  and the nostalgia that it flowers , regardless of where in the world she resides. 

Read her very outstanding post here,  and tell me if you believe in what I call the Earth Gene.

I wrote about it once  in my blog Gappa,  "The Earth Gene" way back in 2009.

The Ghol and Purslane  brought it all back again .......

So many genes and markers
coursing biologically

a haemoglobal life,
as an ancient one
the Earth Gene
quietly methylates
in the Mind.

Warmed by
the hot dusty summer,
shaded by balconies
and sidewalks
frequented by kids
homing in for a meal,
by a maternal Dal,
the Earth Gene
travels undeterred
by lands,
oceans or rules.

Memories overflow,
and seep into
new lands,
blending peacefully
with the local greens,
a sidewalk here,
a garden corner there,
and they watch
as you
exclaim in delight,
and bend down
eyes full,
to gather them to your heart.

for a meetup
with a nostalgic dal,
a rice puffed in anticipation,
red chillies burning in excitement
rubbing their hands
with the methis in glee
and a
bhakri biding it turn.

The Earth Gene
nurtured by the Mother Gene,
the only one
that is never hidden,
but joyfully methylates
in your mind,
only to bring
a smile on your face
and a lump in your throat.

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