Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bozoical Reflections

It is an undeniable fact,  canine brains today show amazing development thanks to the immense visual triggers from so much media; television, books, computers, banners, posters. 

Mumbai's perceptive blogging Dog, Bozo, has been keeping his eyes and ears open, not to mention smelling suspicious things; all very understandable, as Election Season is upon us.

Magic Eye caught this amazing look recently.  And called it "Light of my eye" .  What he must have meant was "apple of my eye ".......   !

They say
we fellows
see , smell and hear
more things
than the clever bipeds.

And now
that the election season
is upon us,
I do smell plots,
hear stuff,
and see things
(that I should not)

So they passed an ordinance
(before the code of conduct kicked in)
and said
we fellows should get
our eyes checked.

So here I am,
at the ophthalmologist's,
sitting in front
of this big contraption
shining lights into my eyes.

Maybe I'll get subsidized glasses,
I might even wear glares
in the summer heat,
look like Hrithik Roshan
and have all
Bandra Carter Road Lassie types
running after me.

I guess I see through them too.

At the end of the day,
I am just your
Aam Dog,
keeping my senses sharp,
following rules,
eating yummy stuff,
leaping and exercising,
and practicing
distinguishing between real and fake.

I guess there is
no chance of a ticket in this election .....

Unless of course,
they form the Bozoical Sena ?


  1. Yessss for Bozoical sena!!!! :D

    1. Is it a Yogayog that Bozo too is in Bandra(east ) ? .... :-)